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Help a Boar become Austro-Hungarian Emperor!

Posted By on 22. November 2014

If this headline did not get your attention, you are probably dead…
Anyway, may I present to you this bizarre jewel of an independent game, by Croatian game company Studio Spektar:

The good people at Studio Spektar have this to say about the game world:

Viktor’s cartoon world is not entirely different from our world. Each country is either a semi-historical representation of a real country, or a flat-out parody that may or may not have people laughing with anger.

You’ll meet a great number of characters in the game who will often be bizarre, and sometimes based on real people such as the genius inventor antelope Tesla or the dog Emperor Franz Joseph.

Yes, you read that correctly, Tesla is a genius inventor antelope. This is just so wonderfully bizarre, and look at the map (© Studio Spektar, used with permission):

Viktor the Boar's Europe

So, everybody, let’s help get this very unique and creative take on steampunk on the road and have a laugh at our past at the same time.

Support it here!

Oh, and before I forget:
You can download a playable demo on the kickstarter page, too.

The Christmas Truce – Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

Posted By on 15. November 2014

I have to give credit to Tee Morris for pointing my attention to this jewel of a TV advert. I hope you all know on what actual historic event the advert is based. If not, please feel ashamed and go here.

Beautiful, simply beautiful! I wish we would see more on TV with such a profound message. This is really a breath of fresh air among all the shallow drivel of regular TV advertising. Chapeau, Sainsbury’s!

Iron Sky The Coming Race – Teaser #1 (Official)

Posted By on 7. November 2014

It has run the course of the usual channels already, but it would be highly dishonourable not to share this wonderful trailer here as well:

And to be honest, if Iron Sky – The Coming Race is actually a well-disguised documentary, it would explain an awful lot!

Also, the faster we raise funds for this movie, the earlier the whole truth will be revealed, support it here:


Steampunk High Style – Jewelry

Posted By on 28. Oktober 2014

I think it has been years since I last posted something about jewelry, so I was pleasantly surprised to have my attention pointed to Charles Koll ( who offers a range of custom high-end jewelry, some with a distinct Steampunk twist to it.

Two of his creations stand out, first, the Cipher:


The Cipher:

The Cipher Iris an exploration of mechanisms that can tolerate the human hand.  Open up a mechanical watch and start playing with the guts and you’ll quickly see the inspiration —  This “Iris” mechanism is a modified version of a classic Steampunk theme (clockwork) commissioned by a longtime Charles Koll client.  The Cipher combines a classic Iris design, with an internal rotary mechanism, rare earth magnets and a decoder ring.  While not a living creature, the little details are all steampunk.

And then, less Steampunk but with a cult factor of its own, there is the Hunterseeker (and if you wonder, what a hunterseeker, I googled that for you here).


The Hunterseeker:

Inspired by Dune, the Hunterseeker mixes the descriptions of characters in the book with the style of the big-screen adaptation.  The ‘machine’ is designed to look like it actually functions.  Inspiration came from a client who wanted a ‘jizai’ (Japanese art form showing mechanical representations of living creatures) feel.

I am particularly fond of the hunterseeker and would love to tell you, what the piece costs, alas, it is not yet in the official range of the website, but I will keep you posted!

Cthulhu’s Pizza Kitchen

Posted By on 22. Oktober 2014

The perfect place for the cultist family dinner, or take-away, if you have been chasing those pesky investigators all evening and there is no more time to cook (for) your loved ones!

Mmmmmmh! Tasty tentacle topping!

Happy Ada Lovelace Day 2014!

Posted By on 14. Oktober 2014

This is becoming a tradition on this blog, since I already mentioned it last year and the year before.
Today I also have one more reason to celebrate: Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer and I am only a few steps away now from being one myself (a real, official one).

So, once again, happy Ada Lovelace day!


Josh Kinsey Strikes Again – Geekie Awards

Posted By on 5. Oktober 2014

Wow! I think few people have been featured on this blog as often as my friend Joshua Kinsey. This is the fourth time I feature him, and this time it is two videos and a journal article.

So, here is the first video in which Master Craftsman Kinsey talks about his art, a pleasure to watch and listen to:

ARTIFICE – J.W. Kinsey from IGNITE on Vimeo.

Then, Joshua was awarded a Geekie Award (!!) :

And finally, here is an article in the Statesman Journal.
In case you are unaware: The Statesman Journal is one of the oldest daily newspapers in the US. It has a circulation of almost 40.000 copies during the week each day and over a hundred thousand on Saturdays and Sundays. Oh my Cthulhu! Seems like Josh is really on a roll right now, and I bemourn my complete lack craftsman skills.

Visist J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice on Facebook and his very own web abode.

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #27 – Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Posted By on 3. Oktober 2014

During the past few months, I have repeatedly thought about shutting the blog and podcast down, or at least put both on an extended hiatus. This is mainly because my studies and other engagements are taking up so much time, keeping the blog up-to-date gets complicated.
So far, each time I thought something along the lines of “OK, this is the last week.” or something like that. But each time, something great happens and I go on. What great things these are, I rant about in the podcast.

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Steampunk LEGO A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO

Posted By on 30. September 2014

It has been a very long time since I have been this excited about an upcoming book, but this one deserves all the excitement I can muster:

Steampunk LEGO – A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO

Yes, the excellent scribes, researchers and scholars at No Starch Press are releasing a book with all the ingredients for incredible exellentness!

This is the official press release:

San Francisco, CA (September 30, 2014) — This holiday season is looking up for LEGO® fans—especially those immersed in steampunk. Meet steampunk connoisseur, LEGO artist, and special effects professional Guy Himber and his soon-to-be-released Steampunk LEGO (No Starch Press, November 2014, 200 pp., $29.95, hardcover, 4C), an incredible coffee table book sure to delight sci-fi and steampunk fans.

Himber, a special effects artist with more than 50 feature films under his belt, including Edward Scissorhands, Independence Day, and Stargate, has been crafting imaginative worlds for years. In Steampunk LEGO, he’s created a fantastical steampunk world, filled with photos of Victorian-era sci-fi treasures built solely from LEGO. Dirigibles, submarines, clockwork animals, and fanciful contraptions whisk readers away on a steampunk adventure—pure bliss for all who delight in whimsy and tiny gears.

With its eclectic variety of models designed by dozens of the world’s top LEGO artists, Steampunk LEGO joins other jaw-dropping No Starch Press LEGO titles like Beautiful LEGO and LEGO Space in displaying the passion and creativity that so many millions invest in these little bricks.

Steampunk LEGO arrives in fine bookstores everywhere this November.

And here are some preview images:


Excellent Dieselpunk Comic – RumRow

Posted By on 27. September 2014

Another thing that came in through the ætherbox, and what an exciting thing it is:
A comic, soon to be available in print, that no Dieselpunk worth their weight in fuel should miss.
Set in an alternate version of our 1930s, it features wonderfully weird and Art-Deco-esque airships and fighter planes, dashing protagonists of both genders, action, suspense and bootleg liquor.

I was just about to say “Speakeasy of the Skies” because of the alliteration, but this would have been inaccurate.

The Kickstarter campaign for the funding of the print edition is still going on, check it out. The project is already fully funded, but maybe you just want to help reach a stretchgoal or get your hands on a reward.

I will post a full review at a later date and now, please check out what the gentleman and artist Andrew Maxwell, mastermind behind RumRow has to say: