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Non-Euclidean Æthercast #26 – Steampunk has not peaked in Europe

Posted By on 20. Juli 2014

Today I actually have something substantial to talk about on the podcast: The state of affairs concerning Steampunk in Europe. A lot is happening and has been happening this year, so I can state with some confidence:

Steampunk has not yet peaked in Europe.


And now, please enjoy!

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TRIP TO THE MOON – A Short Steampunk Film

Posted By on 16. Juli 2014

Here is another project worth your consideration:

Trip to the Moon, a short film in the spirit of the timeless classic Le Voyage dans la Lune. The gentleman and cinematographer Brian M. Finn has this to say about his project:


Trip to the Moon is an action based sci-fi short film that mixes the charm of the original 1902 film and expands it with a more engaging spin on the story with  modern and futuristic technology. Set in an alternate steampunk (Earth) and cyberpunk (Moon) reality, Abraham Lincoln is a televised President who is announcing his trip to the moon to the American people as an historic event for mankind. But is Honest Abe really being honest about his purposes for going there? Will the protestors, including John Wilkes Booth, succeed in their attempts to intervene?

In our story, John Wilkes Booth blames Lincoln for trying to ruin his life by freeing his slaves and interrupting his way of life. Additionally, Booth now sees the further threat of bringing alien life to Earth. Trip to the Moon stays true to the race based fear of the “time period” while adding additional plotlines to the confrontations of John Wilkes Boothe and Abraham Lincoln.


While Lincoln and his associates are on the Moon, things go horribly wrong when the palace of Ruler Zahn, the King of the Moon, is destroyed. He then seeks revenge upon Earth and flies there to kill anyone he can releasing what’s left of his guardians upon the city. Lincoln and his friends must now lead the U.S. armed forces to stop the threat.

Quite a tale and true to the spirit of adventure, alternate history and (weird) science that is at the heart of Steampunk.

Also, Brian has some more details on the film and the project as a whole:

So, please sidle over and support Trip to the Moon here!

Review: Mr. Strange – The Wonderful World of Weird

Posted By on 11. Juli 2014

Right, let’s get this thing done, shall we?
Mr. Strange’s minion Gary already contacted me in April and suggested for me to review Mr. Strange’s latest album, The Wonderful World of Weird, which is exactly what I will do now, though it is by far an easy task.

X - Mr. Strange Album Cover

The Wonderful World of Weird is my most difficult music review so far. The tracks cover a wide range of different styles and sounds, often within the same track.
Psychedelic tunes go hand in hand with chilled electronic sounds only to be followed by pure industrial music. This makes for a very unique listening experience, especially, when the distorted lyrics enter your ear.
I found the rapid change of styles also rather confusing, but it compliments the theme and title of the album really well. The Wonderful World of Weird is truly a weird listening experience, particularly on your first encounter with the album. It keeps you on your toes and surprises you with every track. You really do not and cannot really know what to expect next.
I also found some of the music rather disquieting for some reason. Maybe I was half afraid some psycho was about to crawl out off my speakers.
Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.
To sum up:
No track like the other, every new track a surprise and a kaleidoscope of styles used.
If you are into chilly tunes, Steampunk sounds, industrial and psychedelic music,or simply crave something new and unique, The Wonderful World of Weird is definitely an album you should check out.

7/10 for the music

10/10 for creativity and uniqueness.

And now, please have a listen:

You can find Mr. Strange at his official website and of course on Facebook.

The Man who lives in the 1940s

Posted By on 4. Juli 2014

May I point your attention to this chap, Ben Sansum, he lives the 1940′s livestyle:

Reet Neet – Clockwork and Steampunk Custom Toys

Posted By on 3. Juli 2014

Today’s featured artist is from The Netherlands: Reet Neet.

A few days ago, this message came into my ætherbox:

Today I wanted to introduce to you my latest designer toy custom.

His name is Professor Archimedes and is based on a 3.5″ Omen Blink by Coarse Toys.

More info & pics are found here:

This piece is available and people interested can contact me through e-mail (reetneetr3(a) or my Facebook page:

Instagram: @Reetneet Twitter: @Reet_Neet

This is the Professor:
Professor Archimedes - Clockwork Owl

I also sidled over to the Facebook page and checked out the other creations Reet Neet has to offer, which led to the discovery of this sweet and beautiful little statuette:



Reet Neet has a varied and surprising range of different statuettes featured on Facebook, not only Steampunk and Clockpunk, but other things as well, as you can see. So I strongly suggest you pay them a visit!

Share this with your Steampunk Sweatheart and Friends

Posted By on 1. Juli 2014

My friend, the honourable gentleman and artist Georgie Retzer strikes again! He has created this adorable little image which you should all share with your sweetheart in the Steampunk scene!

Without you, steampunk is silly

Come to think of it: You can share this with everybody you care for and who is a friend in and/or of the scene. After all, the message of the image is also true in the context of “You” in the plural.

So: Share away!

Caravan – Jeff Hunt Band – Such sweet video story telling!

Posted By on 26. Juni 2014

A few days ago, I was contacted by the gentleman and artist Jeff Hunt. He pointed me towards the latest video his band, the Jeff Hunt Band, released, since it is Steampunk-themed. I happily share it with you now, please enjoy:

As you may have guessed if you follow this blog and the music reviews in particular, the flavour of Alternative Rock they play is not the kind of music I enjoy, but this obviously not diminish the quality of music the Jeff Hunt Band plays.
I also found the story told in the video and the lyrics of the song very beautiful and touching.

To find out more about the Jeff Hunt Band, visit their website and Facebook page.

Minutes at the Edge #8 – Things between the Stars

Posted By on 22. Juni 2014

Today’s episode of Minutes at the Edge is all about the weird and wonderful stuff between the starts and the stars themselves.
Especially if the stars in question are weird and wonderful, so please enjoy:


Minutes at the Edge Logo (Tesla's Tower)

Further reading:

New Album: Professor Elemental – The Giddy Limit

Posted By on 19. Juni 2014

The most honourable, well-known gentleman and artist Professor Elemental has released another album:

The Giddy Limit

You can listen to snippets of the album right here: The Giddy Limit
Please enjoy.
And here’s the track All in together in full length, already an anthem, I think:

And this is the corresponding video, I am sure you will recognise a number of faces (the director is Mr. Moog Gravett), please view more than once and sing along:

I will obviously post a full review of the album in due time.

Game developers stealing Steampunk Artwork

Posted By on 17. Juni 2014

This has been making the rounds on social media already, but one of my oldest friends in the steampunk scene is a victim of art-theft here, so I do my part to spread the word.

An app developer apparently tries to cash in on Steampunk’s popularity and has developed some Steampunk-themed game which they have garnished with impressive artwork.

Artwork which is not theirs and which they failed to acquire permission to use for.

Take a look at this in-app image:


The artwork or likeness of the following people have been used without their permission:

Steam Powered Giraffe

Daniel Proulx

Georgie Retzer





Enkidi is responsible for this beautiful Steampunk Scientist:

Steampunk Scientist by Enkidi on deviantART

So please, spread the word around, this art-theft will not stand!