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Steampunk Zeppelin over Munich

| 26. Juli 2008

So, two weeks ago my wife, my good friend Timo and me went to see the Tollwood. The weather was bad but the people were nice and the food was not too shabby either. All of a sudden, through the heavy clouds, pregnant with rain there descendet a familiar sight. A boon to the eye […]

Just a Steampunk animation

| 22. Juli 2008

What a great animated Steampunk short (I wish I had one of those Steampunk Battle Mechs):

An expedition to the borders of civilization

| 13. Juli 2008

On the 28th of June we set out from Munich. We went on an expedition to the borders of civilisation: Lower Franconia. We would set our base-camp in Würzburg and from there penetrate deeper into the blasphemic regions where the gene-pool is shallow and the minds are narrow. I grew up there, I should know, […]

A Steampunk Breakfast

| 13. Juli 2008

Now that was a day to remember: My dear we, our good friend Andrea and me went to meet a few new æthernet acquaintances face-to-face at the Victorian House in Munich. Oh happy day! What a perfect place for a steampunk to hang out. The interior takes me back to the days when I visited […]

The WGT 2008: Fourth and final disjunct episode (the steampunk’s steam runs out)

| 9. Juli 2008

Just a few words to sum up the other things. My wife and me met with friends of ours at the Riquet, which looks like this: And is an excellent place to have a really good and enjoyable cup of coffee, the whole setting is quite steampunk, which in this case is incidental, target time-frame […]

The WGT 2008: Third disjunct episode

| 6. Juli 2008

To continue about the Heidnisches Dorf: Most of the merchadise there was either not what I like or simply too expensive. I really would have liked to add some steampunk or at least steampunkish spectacles from Shades Nosferatu to my eyewear collection but I had promised myself not to overstretch my budget like last time… […]

The WGT 2008: Second disjunct episode

| 5. Juli 2008

Obviously, there was a lot more to disover in the Heidnisches Dorf. There were two stages and we had the peasure to listen to The Moon and the Nightspirit from the eastern reaches of Austria-Hungary, namely Hungary. Here’s an image taken from their æthernet site: Not steampunk but pagan-medieval with strong leanings towards pagan, which […]

The WGT 2008: First disjunct episode

| 3. Juli 2008

Being dressed up as a steampunk at the WGT (Wave-Gotik-Treffen) in Leipzig means you don’t really stand out off the crowd. My dear wife and me had quite a few encounters with people who could easily be used as decoys for a number of actions. For example there were those two specimen: and her boyfriend […]

So, another Steampunk Blog

| 1. Juli 2008

Yet another Steampunk Blog. As if there aren’t enough already, but not to worry, it shall not stop me. This is going to be a very much “in-character” blog, so everything in here will be viewed from a Steampunk perspective. For the greater part, I am going to put my adventures while traveling in here. […]