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Another Steampunk Expedition – Walhalla Regensburg, Second Episode

| 30. November 2008

So here are some heads and plaques of famous Germans (or in some cases people of Germanic stock): In no particular order: Kaiser Wilhelm Gneisenau Thus ends the first row of heads and names and I am going to lie down now because I have a rather severe cold. And I hope there will be […]

Special Historic Bulletin

| 24. November 2008

Thanks to my good friend HAC from the Brassgoggles Forum I am able to post these two real life propaganda Imperial German Zeppelin images from World War I: and It is a good thing I have US, Canadian and British friends on the Ætherweb who have far better access to these historic documents than I […]

Another Steampunk Expedition – Walhalla Regensburg, First Episode

| 23. November 2008

We arrived by Zeppelin at the Walhalla near Regensburg in the early hours of the morning, there was still plenty of fog around the field where we touched down, as this picture amply testifies to: After checking for pirates, we set out to visit the Walhalla. On arriving the fog made for a most eery […]

This has nothing to do with Steampunk and it is a piece of History already

| 6. November 2008

Tuesday was another day when History (capital H) happened. Just like the day the Berlin Wall came down, Germany was reunified and other great moments of our lifetime, this was one of these Moments. I leave the following document to speak for itself. Barack Obamas acceptance speech: Hello, Chicago. If there is anyone out there […]