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And I contributed!

| 23. Februar 2009

Today I revel in my own achievements for I have published an article in the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette, a most exquisite Steampunk/Dieselpunk periodical. Please, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit down, download it and enjoy: Commemorating the anniversary of the birthday of Jules Verne, the Gatehouse Gazette celebrates “Extraordinary Voyages” this issue! […]

Oh well…

| 21. Februar 2009

Winter drags on and on and on. It’s about time spring started. At least I’ve got a real nice and rather steamy jumper my beloved wife knitted for me which I can wear now and this is great. I am also still suffering a little from the fact that the trip to Japan had to […]

Getting rid of frustration – Steampunk style

| 7. Februar 2009

Lately I had a lot of grief, so I thought, let’s help myself and other people who feel rather annoyed by the world… So: Let us send death rays to the people, organisations, ccompanies, bands, etc. we love to hate. Your Designated Victim Just press the button. The giant Zeppelin with the cannon will be […]