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Musing and photoshoping

| 29. April 2009

I was wondering, what would it look like if I was, say, on board the Nautilus or maybe a Kaiserliches U-Boat, like, hmmm… what would a Kaiserliches Steampunk U-Boat be called, ah, yes, the Humboldt. So, what would it be like to be onboard the Humboldt, having surfaced just after the storm above had cleared […]

Steampunk your iPod

| 28. April 2009

There have been steampunk-mods for iPods floating around the ætherweb for a while now. I do not have the skill (yet, I hope) nor the time (that is unlikely to change) to tinker on a flashy case, mod or whatever thingy which could turn my iPod into something truly steampunk. However… I have discovered a […]

Science can be fun

| 27. April 2009

The video below is not Steampunk but than again it is. Granted, there is no brass in it, no cogs and no gears. However, the people in it turn science, advanced technology and scientific achievement into something which is tremendous fun. And turning science and technological development into something fun is temendously Steampunk. Granted, the […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 6

| 26. April 2009

So once again, another issue of the Gatehouse Gazette has been released, this time with a theme I consider particularly interesting: Alternative history. To sum it up in the words of the chief editor Mr. Ottens: Because the Gatehouse Gazette welcomes all kinds of “Tinkering with Time,” we dedicate this issue to the business of […]

On Science, Superstition and Related Matters

| 25. April 2009

This entry is bordering slightly on transhumanism but only slightly. Slightly because transhumanism can only ever be made reality if there is a base of educated people large enough to support its ideals. It has to be turned into a popular movement. In order to achieve this state of affairs, we need to bring science […]

Being an old geezer / gothier than thou

| 24. April 2009

This entry concerns the other kind o travel: The almost astral travels on the ætherweb. I recently had an encounter which showed several things to me: I am no longer what one might call “a youth”. There are people out there who cannot imagine that I’ve been in and around the goth scene (at least […]

Hybrid Dieselpunk/Cyberpunk Wear for Gentlemen

| 22. April 2009

It is a rare thing to discover an item which you can use for both Dieselpunk (and even Steampunk) and business style Cyberpunk-wear as well. But I have just found such an item. There is a nice little online-shop in Munich which stocks “Zeitgemäße Männerschuhe” of various superb manufacturers, some basically only known to insiders. […]

On teaching and interconnectedness

| 20. April 2009

Half an infinity ago I took a short stint trying to be a teacher. I failed. I had ideas they did not like, treated the childrenas equals, which they did not liek and a number of other things. Plus: I had the misfortune to meet the biggest heap of Waste-DNA in one person I have […]

More lighthearted Steampunk

| 20. April 2009

Something on the lighter side of Steampunk

| 19. April 2009

I found the following image on Deviantart, I think it’s brilliant and I just had to put it up on this blog. Check out Megan’s Goth Stereotype Gallery Home Page.