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And today’s featured article is…

| 31. Mai 2009

Lang lebe der Kaiser (Friedrich III that is)! Today’s  featured article in the English Wikipedia is the Imperial German battlecruiser SMS von der Tann. Oh happy day!

The infamous Air Kraken

| 31. Mai 2009

The Air Kraken is the bane of every, Steampunk, Gentleman /Lady Explorer and Zeppelin captain. The species has become rare in recent years, migrational patterns suggest it has largely relocated into the deep æther. However, Simoan Cephalopod was lucky enough to be able to take this picture: Also, please visit the gallery.

May I point your attention to…

| 25. Mai 2009

the site Revealing the Link. Everything about the aformentioned fossil Ida,  Darwinisimus Masillae. Enjoy!

A nifty idea

| 23. Mai 2009

I just have to share this: While browsing the ætherweb for steam-related stuff I came across the following image, looks rather like Penny-farthing with a minature steam engine attached to it. very nifty, enterprising and definitely steampunk! I really need to come up with a little bit more but I do not feel particularily creative […]

A beautiful day

| 20. Mai 2009

Today is a beautiful day for a Steampunk and amateur Scientist And it is such a day in at least three ways and you neer know what else this day holds in store, but three fortunate things have already come to pass: 1. Steampunk and Cthulhu While browsing Brassgoggles again, as I do almost every […]

Steampunk and Cthulhu

| 19. Mai 2009

Imagine that: Travelling to R’lyeh by Zeppelin… What an epic journey this would be!

Some thoughts about gear

| 16. Mai 2009

I’ve been wondering about the whole Steampunk-Dieselpunk-Cyberpunk connection again… Where does which subculture end and where does the other begin? It is kind of an irrelevant question, really. Dieselpunk and Steampunk have a lot in common anyway and a lot of it happens in and on the ætherweb, so there is a deffinite connection to […]

Nini – Kawaiiii!

| 14. Mai 2009

As anounced in the previous post, two images of Nini! かわいい の チホウアホウア (Cute Chihuahua)

Adventures in cuisine and spacetime

| 10. Mai 2009

Yesterday the usual crew went on extended outing in two stages: As a surrogate trip to Japan we went to a highly recommended Japanese restaurant(not the one I frequnt every week, which is the Kushiage Enn) that’s the cuisine part of the adventure The new Star Trek movie which was released in Germany last Thursday, […]

Something I forgot yesterday…

| 7. Mai 2009

Yesterday was the day the Hindenburg went up in flames at Lakehurst in 1937, and with her, all the dreams and visions of the glorious age of Zeppelins cruising majestically around the globe. But who knows, perhaps one day Zeppelins return in style and glory.  May the Zeppelins rise again like Phoenix from the ashes!