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More fun with Riese

| 30. November 2009

Riese the Series, Episode III – Bind Things get creepy This is the most intense of the three episodes so far. There are some seriously evil and abominable things going on which I do not dare hint at, see for yourselves: And one other question comes up from the dark recesses of my mind: Is […]

Airship Pirates

| 26. November 2009

There is a song by Abney Park, Airship Pirates and just now, something struck me and I coupled two things together and came up with the following image (it’s a German political pun, so don’t worry if you don’t get it):


| 25. November 2009

Recently I had quite a few emails from readers, so this entry is to thank them all, and I send this flower to all of you, which I found on Craft Juice: Also, special thanks to Mr. Steven Bloore who was kind enough to point my attention towards the return of the Zeppelin to the […]

Steampunk aesthetics and philosophy

| 21. November 2009

Something has gotten into my mind that I think I can post here, mainly because it has some genuine content and might actually with time develop into an essay. Whilst the aesthetics of Steampunk, to which I have dedictated a whole section of this website, are fairly clearly defined, there does not seem to be […]

Some speculations regarding Riese the Series

| 18. November 2009

As I have mentioned in my last entry in this blog, the capital city of Eleysia is called Asgard, OK, so now I am going to piece a few things together and speculate wildely and propably to the immense amusement of the Riese the Series crew. Two things I have to say as a sort […]

Double Feature – Extra Steampunk in deed!

| 16. November 2009

What a joyful day… I can actually bring on two items worthy of note today and I shall present them in order of discovery: 1. Steampunk Holiday – 100 years ago today Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft was founded Ah, the glorious days of available and affordable Zeppelin travel had their official beginning with the founding of this […]

Steampunks against Fascism

| 14. November 2009

I participated in a demonstration against certain undesireable elements in our society today. They pretend to remember the fallen heroes of our country, like I do, but in reality, they glorify fascist cruelty and idiocy and I have nothing more to say. Let the image speak:

Riese the Series – First impressions

| 7. November 2009

I took little time and had a detailed look at the Riese the Series Channel on Youtube (see last entry). I also had a look at the websites of Riese the Series and The Sect. The Good: Costumes, setting, everything about the videos conveys a very convincing post-apocalyptic steampunk feel. I am especially fond of […]

Riese the Series – Steampunk Webseries

| 6. November 2009

Well, well…Just a little note before I go to bed:I just found a most remarkable little Steampunk Jewel on Youtube: I am pretty sure that this is not the last time I mention this series here… There will be at least one review. I shall follow this series very closely from no on.What a happy […]

Steampunk Exhibition

| 5. November 2009