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Riese the Series Chapter Two starts tomorrow

| 31. Januar 2010

Oh joy! Tomorrow (judged by CET standards) the next chapter of Riese the Series will be released on their website and on Youtube (and a few other platforms). For me this means that when I get up tomorrow at around six in the morning, by the time I am finished with my breakfast I will […]

Steampunk and the Supernatural

| 30. Januar 2010

The classical Steampunk era,  i.e. when the grand old masters were still around (the lifetimes of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells etc.), also featured a lot of then-contemporary authors who wrote about supernatural occurences. Dracula and Frankenstein comes to mind. Now, what I have found so far, although most Steampuks would not deny the influence of […]

Public Service Announcement

| 29. Januar 2010

Right, for a number of reasons I have decided to do a little bit more Steampunk related things in German. I have therefor started another blog (in German) which, unsurprisingly, is also named Daily Steampunk. The Blog can be seen here Daily Steampunk auf Deutsch. It is not much yet, just one post and I […]

The Wondermark Fiction Generator

| 28. Januar 2010

Do you want to write a novel? Are there ideas dancing in your head, yeth they will not crystalise into a plot? Are you suffering from writer’s block or are you simply unable to come up with anything? In all these cases, there is hope for you (yes, YOU!).  Clickon the Wondermark Fiction Generator Logo […]

US Spy Blimp

| 27. Januar 2010

According to various sources, the US military plans to deploy a high-altitude spy blimp for missions you need a spy-blimp for… As a Zeppelin Enthusiast™ I am looking forward to it and am quite excited about it. As a military ley person, I ask myself: What can this expensive piece of equipment do that satellites […]

Dieselpunk World War II

| 26. Januar 2010

What I consider really interesting, is the comperatively large number of videos on Youtube with a Dieselpunk theme. Quite a sizable fraction of thse deal with matters pertaining to World War II. One such jewel was pointed out to me in the Smoking Lounge (see previous post) and it would be a shame not to […]

Retro Gaming

| 25. Januar 2010

In the late 1990’s, oh dear, that’s already over a decade ago, I was a big fan of the games Myst and Riven. I just had a look at the two games again recently and one thing just jumped at me: There are loads of Steampunk elements found in the game. I did a little […]

Bob Basset’s Steampunk Leatherwork

| 24. Januar 2010

Check out Bob Basset‘s site. You will find a lot of cool if rather pricy stuff there, like this: Reminds me of a Steampunk Tie-Fighter pilot’s helmet.

99 years ago today

| 23. Januar 2010

Special Steampunk Holiday for airship and zeppelin enthusiasts On this day in 1911 the Siemens-Schuckert I took to air, it was semi-rigid and therefor something of a transitional form between previous airships and the zeppelins that have become so iconic in steampunk. And it proves: Evolution works in fields other than nature.

First Munich Steampunk Get Together

| 23. Januar 2010

Today we held our first Munich Steampunk Get Together and decided it was not going to be the last. So here is the very short version of what happened: We met in the Victorian House at 10 o’clock for a late breakfast (which, unfortunately, was less enjoyable than the last time, the waiter was a […]