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The Wolfman – Watch it!

| 28. Februar 2010

Yesterday I went to watch this movie: And I can recommend it to all classic horror and Steampunk enthusiasts out there. The atmosphere is excellent, a rotting Victorian family, plagued by a course, forbidde love, insanity… Psychotropic landscapes (i.e. thunder, lightning and rain when it is appropriate). The movie is shot in greyish, slightly faded […]

The World House – One piece of insane genius

| 27. Februar 2010

For this entry I shall divert from the usual topics of this blog and point your attention to a book I just read. Guy Adams’ The World House, one of the most bizarre, exciting and engaging books I’ve ever lain my hands on. It took me a while to really get into the story of […]

May I introduce you to…

| 27. Februar 2010

There is a hauntingly strange and beautiful site on the ætherweb called Parliament & Wake. I can wholeheartedly recommend it. But please be warned. It is not for the casual traveller of the ætherweb, as it contains haunting and engaging knowledge of strange people, places and artifacts. The bold traveller may find it behind the […]

Steampunk Kiwis and a brilliant image

| 26. Februar 2010

Well then, what can I say… My fellow Steampunks on the other side of the globe are making their presence felt and have organised the First New Zealand’s Steampunk Fashion Show. It is organised by Fabiana Bronte, please visit her at Steampunk Empire and leave a note. I wonder if we can ever get something […]

350th anniversary of the Royal Society

| 25. Februar 2010

Well, the Royal Mail celebrates the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society with a set of special stamps. This seems reasonable, since it is the Royal Mail… One of the commemorative stamps features… Well, take a look for yourself: Yes, it’s him. Mister Babbage himself! Glory! Victory (sounds a bit like Manowar…)

Steampunk Diver’s Suit and Space Suit

| 24. Februar 2010

A cool random webfind. Just take a look at this marvelous contraption: This is a truly impressive piece of equipment. I wonder if it was actually functional or if it is just an awesome work of art… Unfortunately, I was so far unable to gather any additional information other than it was supposed to be […]

One of the most famous photographs in history

| 23. Februar 2010

65 years ago, the following photo was taken. Don’t tell me you don’t know it.

First bit of Emilie Autumn

| 22. Februar 2010

For family reasons I have very little time for this blog right now, so I have to keep the entries short. As I mentioned before, I attended a most splendid Emilie Autumn concert in Munich on February 17th. I took a lot of pictures, and here are some of them. They show a “Ratty-Steampunk-Stargate”, the […]

Today’s featured article issue II

| 21. Februar 2010

Well, well… what can I say. Today’s featured article of the English Wikipedia is the Panzer I, and what a cute little tank it is, or was. Compared to its fellow tanks especially later in the war it almost seems like a toy. It also gets a lot less coverage in the media than its […]

The Necronomicon – It will change your life

| 20. Februar 2010

Yes, the dreaded and fabled Necronomicon, it will change your life forever: