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Tour d’Eiffel Day

| 31. März 2010

Official Steampunk Holiday! On this day in 1889 the Tour d’Eiffel, Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece, was inaugurated. So, happy 121 anniversary, Eiffel Tower! Some quick data: Location:  Paris, France Coordinates:     48.8583°N 2.2945°E Constructed:     1887 – 1889 Opening:     March 31, 1889 Use:  Observation tower, Radio broadcasting tower Status:   Completed and in use Location Paris, […]

The Lady of Shalott – Steampunk Style

| 30. März 2010

Initially I wanted to post something about Neil Gaiman and The Sandman today, since in the expanded universe, especially in the The Books of Magic series you can find quite a few Steampunk elements. But again, I do not really have the time for a full essay or halfway decent article on the subject. I […]

Alphonse Mucha

| 29. März 2010

I wanted to do a short article on Alphonse Maria for quite a while now. I guess no other Art Nouveau artist is as well known he is, and no other’s work is still so popular. I have been aware of Mucha for quite a while, long before I became aware of Steampunk. actually, but […]

Steampunk Oz

| 28. März 2010

Just an image I found on the ætherweb: That’s all for today, I have other things to do.

Dieselpunk furniture

| 27. März 2010

This is a North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber: This type of bomber is possibly best known for the Doolittle Raid, April 18th, 1942. If you do not know what I am talking about, that’s the thing that happens in the movie Pearl Harbor towards the end. Nearly 10,000 B-25 Mitchells were built, so naturally, […]

Steampunk Belly Dance Encore

| 26. März 2010

And the visions of beauty never end… Today’s featured belly dancer is Dizzy, of Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society. Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society Dizzy dancing at SteamCon Bonus vampiresque photograph of the lady A few words about Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society: Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society are one of the premiere Steampunk bands around. Based in Tacoma, […]

More Steampunk Mythology

| 25. März 2010

As it seems, the Norse Pantheon is a favourite with Steampunk inspired artists: Odin’s Final Battle by ~3dsquid on deviantART I did not find a Steampunk Zeus. If anyone finds depictions of members of other pantheons, please let me know!

Save the Pacific Tree Octopus

| 24. März 2010

As a faithful member of the Cult of Cthulhu I have to draw your attention to an impending ecological disaster: The Pacific Tree Octopus is about to go extinct! Please unite in a glorious effort to safe the Cascade Tree Octopus! Join our Cause!

Steampunk Modernity

| 23. März 2010

Kudos to Timo once again… Seems like there are ways to integrate Steampunk elements into almost everything. The example I am taking a closer look at today is really neat and beautiful, if rather expensive contraption. If I had that sum to spare, I would not hesitate, though, because it would serf a double purpose: […]

Steampunk Mythology

| 22. März 2010

A few months back I posted an image of a Steampunk Thor on this blog. As it seems, I may well be able to assemble a complete pantheon of steampunked gods and heroes on this blog. As you may have guessed, I found another image taken from Earth’s mythology and given a steampunk make-over. In […]