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A Steampunk Villain’s Dream

| 30. April 2010

Aha! Here it is, the Clockwork-Spider. I guess you could have thousands of these critters in a villains lair, doing his bidding, biting heros in the night, sending governesses up chairs and tables shrieking, you get the idea. Additionally, the Clockwork-Spider is a beautiful work of art and a credit to its maker. Yes, I […]

I love reader’s feedback!

| 29. April 2010

This time, I have to thank Andy, for pointing my inquisitive eye towards Kinekt Design: This is such a nifty little ring… In a Steampunk setting it would probaly hold (or be) the key to an ancient tomb or the vault of a mad scientist or something… In the real world, it is a nice piece […]

News from Riese the Series

| 28. April 2010

I’ve shamefully neglected posting about Riese the Series for a while, but there is some great news (now rather olds, actually): The series received a Streamy Award: Best Cinematography in a Web Series: Riese (Christopher Charles Kempinski) and there has been a Q & A Session with Sharon Taylor, a.k.a. Queen Amara. I managed to […]

Myke Amend Strikes Again

| 28. April 2010

I have mentioned Myke Amend before. He’s one of the finest artists around who have ties to steampunk in their work. This time I am especially pleased and honoured to present a work of his, since it touches both my enthusiasm for Steampunk and for Cthulhu:

Another unfulfilled vision

| 27. April 2010

On this blog I have on a number of occasions shown examples of things that were supposed to happen or be available in the future but never did or were. Here’s another one. It’s a bit different since it concerns a new use for a giant Zeppelin, which were available in 1930 (that’s when the […]

The Anachronism – Steampunk Shortfilm

| 26. April 2010

Kudos to Jan for pointing this beauty out to me: The Anachronism (Full Film) from Anachronism Pictures on Vimeo. Please enjoy!

Don’t take offence at my innuendo

| 25. April 2010

Another one of those webfinds… So here’s a toy that, judging from the boy’s haircut, was marketed somewhen in the 1930s (?). As to the innuendo, it was not intended as such. Well, just take a look:

Dieselpunk on the Offensive

| 24. April 2010

Beware! The forces of Dieselpunk are on the march! Now I have to find a British, American, Russian and Japanese model of comparable design. There should be some on the Ætherweb, I am sure.

Regarding yesterday’s Orc

| 23. April 2010

Right, here’s more concerning the game yesterday’s Orc was taken from: Kehl, Germany, April 22nd 2010 – Today, the German development studio Spellbound Entertainment AG officially announced its new project “Ravensdale”. The highly ambitious action game is set in a striking fantasy world offering a fresh and unique approach to the genre. The game will […]

Steampunk Orc

| 22. April 2010

There seems to be a host of games with Steampunk elements and themes in the making, I will tell more tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s an Orc Gandalf would not want to face: