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| 31. Mai 2010

Hello my dear readers. I have a little competition for you today. I have posted about the game AQUA on several occasions, now I have a free download code to give away. The game was offered to me but since I do not have an XBox one of you gets lucky. OK, there are two […]

More great stuff out of Russia

| 30. Mai 2010

Look at this beauty, the perfect toy for tinkerer and their children, a Russian-built RC Steam Tank: I wonder how much it would take to build a life-size version of this thing. Well, one could use an old steam-powered locomotive as a basis, I guess. On a different note: I have reently received another review […]

The Art of Dale Mathis

| 29. Mai 2010

Kudos once again to Timo. Today I am going to say a word or two about Dale Mathis, a most brilliant American artist whose work has a lot in common with the ethetics of Steampunk. This similarity is most likely unintentional. The themes Dale uses for his work just happen to overlap with Steampunk ethetical […]

Completely off-topic

| 28. Mai 2010

The Empire Strikes Back, to many the best chapter of the original Star Wars Triology, had its 30th anniversary last week. I guess that’s reason enough that I digress from my usual Steampunk theme and give you the Hoth battle scene:

Steampunk Boot Plaque in Augsburg

| 27. Mai 2010

Found this o the way to the station this morning and had to take a picture: Very interesting in deed. I wonder what other surprises are hidden in my new hometown. If I discover something else, I will of course post it here.

Announcing: Neil Gaiman Week

| 26. Mai 2010

The week from June 7th – June 13th will be dedicated to Neil Gaiman and his work. Several reasons: Neil Gaiman is without a doubt one, if not the, most iconic graphic novelist. Sandman, his most widely known work, transformed a whole genre. Stardust, Sandman, the Books of Magic all contain Steampunk elements to a […]

A different kind of Zeppelin

| 25. Mai 2010

In this post I posted an image of the classic Maybach Zeppelin. It seems there is a new. more moderen, less classic version out: I guess this Zeppelin is beyond what most of us can afford. It still looks slightly Dieselpunk, despite its modernity. And no, I am not dreaming of owning this Maybach Zeppelin. […]

A Steampunk Tower in Augsburg

| 24. Mai 2010

Being a good Steampunk (at least I hope to be and I hope the Air Kraken does not say otherwise), I did a little research about cool Steampunk places to visit here in Augsburg. As it turned out, the gasworks seems to be quite the place, especially the Behälterturm. I wonder if guided tours are […]

Scouting the City

| 23. Mai 2010

Today was the second really nice warm and sunny day since we moved to Augsburg. It was about time. The cold and damp weather was really getting on my nerves, it’s almost June, after all. So today we walked around town and were most amazed by the hydraulic architecture. There are quite a few channels […]

Zeppelin NT in flight

| 22. Mai 2010

The following images were taken a few weeks back already. I just had misplaced the USB-cable for my phone during the move, so their publication was delayed. Anyway, here are some more pictures of the tiny modern brother of the magnificent Hindenburg: