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More Art from Iron Grip: Marauders

| 30. Juni 2010

Ah, so beautiful! I really cannot wait until Iron Grip: Marauders finally goes online. The artwork alone: Massive Steampunk warmachines! Epic! My only regret (well, not really regret) is, I will not really have time to play. If all goes well, I will be a father six weeks from today but this will not be […]

Gatehouse Gazette #13

| 28. Juni 2010

Well, what can I say, another issue of the famed Gatehouse Gazette is out: This time, it is all about the good things in life and the Joie de Vivre, only fitting for the summer issue of the Gazette. Featuring most brilliant articles by the renowned Steampunk and Dieselpunk journalists Ottens, Heyvart, McCleary, Christi, Stock […]

Thoughts on the FIFA World Cup

| 27. Juni 2010

Obviously, even Steampunks watch football. Especially a classic match like England vs. Germany. By now I guess you know how that one ended and this is also as far as this article goes concerning football and the FIFA World Cup. I want to keep this blog as far away from it as possible. Granted, this […]

How in Dagon’s name could I miss that?

| 26. Juni 2010

A Cthulhu Steampunk crossover by Chaosium! And it has been out for quite some time now and I missed it up until five minutes ago! How could this have happened? I guess it could only have been because Great Cthulhu dominates my dreams and interferes with my perception. Hang on, but this does not make […]

Dieselpunk Operation in the Real World

| 24. Juni 2010

Who would come up with the idea to support an entire city of 2.000.000 people almost exclusively from the air? Surely, only a madman would make such a plan. Yet, today in 1948 exactly this had to be done, because 62 years ago, troops of the USSR blocked access to West Berlin via land and […]

A Dieselpunk Ride

| 22. Juni 2010

Once again, I have to thank Timo for what he sived from the ætherweb. So, let’s say you have a little money to spare and you really would like a Dieselpunk ride that will be your the envy of your friends and neighbours (no matter if they have ever heard the terms Dieselpunk or Steampunk)… […]

The inherent Steampunkness of LEGO

| 20. Juni 2010

Who would have thought it, there seems to be an inherent Steampunkness in LEGO. The more I dive through the waves of the ætherweb looking for things Steampunk, the more LEGO creeps up. There are several posts on this blog dealing with various Steampunk and Dieselpunk LEGO incarnations, the latest being Save the Croissants. Now, […]

Something awesome this Way comes

| 18. Juni 2010

And there’s even a Red Baron triplane operating from a flying aircraft carrier! This is Epic High Tech Steampunk! Findout more at War of the Worlds: Goliath And I once again have to thank Timo, my second pair of eyes on the internet.

When Victorian Occultism meets Evolution

| 17. Juni 2010

Warning! Extreme weirdness ahead! I was just thinking… In a Steampunk world, you have advanced sience mixed with Victorian elements. And I was just listening to Tom Slatter’s excellent “Lines overheard at a Séance”. So this thought popped into my mind, it is just a thought-experiment, really… Let’s say you’ve got both evolution and ghosts/spirits. […]


| 16. Juni 2010

Who would have thought it… Another facet of Steampunk is making moves to assert itself. Next to Dieselpunk, there now stands Teslapunk. Obviously, it is inspired by the technology invented by Nikola Tesla (Никола Тесла) and takes his ideas into the future. Based on the idea of Teslapunk, a short-film named Bottled Lightning is currently in […]