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Steampunk Prussians hunting Pirates

| 31. Juli 2010

Well, what can I say. A new force to keep the air-ways save is forming: So far, the site is under construction, but there is a Facebook group up and running. And personally, I think it is a great thing to see Prussians being put into a positive light and not, again, serving as the […]

Steampunk Alice

| 30. Juli 2010

After posting the article on Sucker Punch, I suddenly remembered this weird-victorianesque computer game American McGee’s Alice, I played it some time in 2000: Just look at the graphics, they were state of the art back then but they look, well, outdated now. Anyway, I was quite surprised and pleased to find out a sequel […]

Dieselpunk Alice with Guns and Zeppelins

| 28. Juli 2010

Right, next year the director of Watchmen and 300 has a new project. This one is Sucker Punch and IMDB has the following very short statement concerning the plot: A young girl is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her […]

Some more on the Ratte

| 26. Juli 2010

While skimming across the waves of the Æthernet in my relentless search for blogging-material I came across yet another artist’s impression of the Landkreuzer Ratte: Excellent work, Cudos to Von Brrr. Von Brrr also has a number of other impressions of experimental vehicles in his gallery, so take a look. And another thing which makes me […]

Zeppelin Music

| 24. Juli 2010

I should have done this article a long time ago. I had the idea a couple of times but for some reason I never got round doing it, i.e. putting it on my Steampunk Blog. So here we go, a collection of music and (provisional, in some cases) music videos, all in some connection to […]

More Ætherweb Jewels

| 22. Juli 2010

Today I have another two gems from the ætherweb for you. I have to thank Elvira Afterthought for pointing my eye and ætherweb-searches towards those two. It is always good to take a closer look at the people who tweet about my stuff on Twitter. So, Elvira mentioned two sites I found particularly interesting and […]

Russian Dieselpunk Art

| 21. Juli 2010

It is always so great to see great concept art such as this one: 210609 – NFZ A2 by *600v on deviantART Loooks like something that is equally at home on the road and in the sky, doesn’t it? And again, it is  coming out of Russia. I highly recommend you go and take a […]

The Connecticut Connection

| 19. Juli 2010

So there was a major Steampunk event going on in Hartford, CT, last week. That is quite a shame for several reasons: I heard of it only yesterday. I would not have been able to make it anyway (I am in Germany after all) I was informed about this by my Connceticut-Mom, which quite painfully […]

Jerk Syndrome in the Wild

| 17. Juli 2010

Yesterday, my wife and me went on a long-ish train journey to beautiful Regensburg. Coincidentally, my wife did her M.A. in history there, but that’s not the point. The actual reason we went there is that two very good friends of ours got married (to each other, obviously). It was a very beautiful, sunny and […]

Dieselpunk Eye Candy and Webcomic

| 16. Juli 2010

Today, a person calling himself  19XX (a.k.a. Paul Roman Martinez) has joined our circle at the Smoking Lounge. He submitted the following piece of art and explained, it was a new character in  his web-comic, also called 19XX: Very nice tank, isn’t it? 19XX is a very Dieselpunk web-comic, set in an alternative 1930’s timeline. […]