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Steampunk your home

| 31. August 2010

Who would have thought it, in lovely Massachusetts (my second favourite state of the US, right after Connecticut) there is a company which specialises in redisigning your abode’s interior… Steampunk Style! I would not go so far as to have my entire home redesigned in such a way, but the thought of maybe having a […]

Recommended Blog: Eclectic Ephemera

| 29. August 2010

Once more I want to direct you, my dear readers, towards another fellow blogger whose work I find of particular interest. This time it is Eclectic Ephemera, as the name suggests, it is a rather eclectic collection of ephemeral things. But: There is a definite trend apparent in all the things on Eclectic Ephemera and […]

Weather Noir

| 27. August 2010

I like summer, it is my favourite time of the year. Right now, it seems that summer in Germany is coming to an end. This year’s summer has been rather wierd. First it was rather cool, then it was really hot and finally it was rather rainy. Right now it seems like the first autumnal […]

More Steampunk Toys

| 26. August 2010

Credits to Timo once more for sending me a most interesting and very useful link. So, there is a line of toys around, called the a most splendid line of toys and assorted artwork. At the Mechtorians Emporium the toy-line and various other goodies are available and I have to say: I am most tempted […]

The Mindset of the Times

| 24. August 2010

A recent update led to the installation of the iBook app on my iPod Touch. Being a new father I was also quite pleased that Winnie the Poo came with it for free. I was even more pleased to find the following among the free books being offered via iBooks: How lucky is that? If […]

Nightly Air Raid

| 22. August 2010

Last night, I was awoken from my slumbers, having dreamt of prowling the skys in search of the elusive Air Kraken and following the Nightgaunts on their pre-Halloween migration, by a sudden and unexpected air raid siren. The nightgaunts dispersed in a sudden frenzy of silent wings and snaking tails, the Air Kraken remained undiscovered […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Lovecraft

| 20. August 2010

If he would still be with us today, H.P. Lovecraft, Master of the Macabre, Pulp-Icon, my favourite author and responsible for part of my son’s name, would celebrate his 120th birthday today. So, let’s take a moment to skip through the pages of the many versions of the Necronomicon available today, take out one of […]

Steampunk Art – Chinese Motives

| 19. August 2010

This one is courtesy of my friend Daliah Jane of Upon a Midnight Dreary who was kind enough to point my inquisitive eye towards the Art of James Ng. This is a quite unique take on the Steampunk theme, blending something that could have been taken out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and was woven […]

Steampunk Compatible Music and Birthdays

| 17. August 2010

Already a while back, there was a thread on the Brassgoggles Forum, where we discussed Steampunk Music, music we would like to see, that is, hear, in a Steampunk context and the music we were listening to in general. In this thread, a few participants, including myself, agreed, that Steampunk was missing a band with […]

High Quality Steampunk Toys

| 15. August 2010

This entry is not really connected to Steampunk Fatherhood. My good friend Timo sent me the link to what I am writing about here last week Some toys are not only for children In this particular case, it is also engineering as an art-form So, Timo pointed out a site to me, which features quite […]