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Lady Mechanika

| 30. September 2010

Famed comic artist Joe Benitez who has worked on such titles as JLA, Superman/Batman and Titans for DC Comics and titles like The Darkness and Weapon  Zero for Image Comics is currently working on a new and singularly interesting series of comics, Lady Mechanika. Credit for the discovery goes to my friends over at Clockworker, […]

A Steampunk Game in the early Stages

| 28. September 2010

Just yesterday I was contacted by Mister Joel Carlson, asking whether I could feature the Steampunk game he is developing on my blog. SInce you are now reading this article, you can probably guess the answer… The game in question is The central character, Dusty Sprocket, is the sheriff in a sleepy little town where […]

The Youngest Abney Park Fan

| 27. September 2010

Well. what can I say. Like father, like son. My little son was six weeks old last Friday and already he is showing much promise in various departments. Just a few minutes ago he displayed excellent taste in music. Let me elaborate, the Little Piranha (I will tell on a different occasion how he got […]

Today in 1983

| 26. September 2010

In an amazing example of rational and clear thinking, Stanislav Petrov judged a missle warning reporting a nuclear attack by the USA on the USSR as a false alarm, which it was. If it had not been for then-Lieutenant colonel Petrov, the Soviets would very likely have launched a “retaliatory” attack on the USA. So, […]

Strategically placed Zeppelin Base

| 26. September 2010

Sometimes I think the Great Air Kraken™ blessed our choice of abode in the fair city of Augsburg. Within walking distance there’s a proper clockmaker with his own workshop. In my parent’s house, there is an old, pre-Great War pocket watch that I plan to take there one day and get it repaired. Just next […]

Awesome Steampunk Halloween Project

| 24. September 2010

Sometimes you have to do something for your readers and I think, the endevour I will describe here now is well worth making public: Mr. Peter Montgomery wants to do something special this Halloween, he wants to put something in his yard that will, upon completion look something like this: And, Mr. Montgomery is no […]

Nuclear Tourism

| 22. September 2010

Just an odd note from the anals of the early nuclear tests in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s: During the very early days of the Cold War, it was possible, to watch the nuclear tests in the Nevada Desert close up. Quite a few people obviously took the opportunity: What a very dieselpunk way […]

Steampunk Theater in Prague

| 20. September 2010

My friend Anja is currently travelling around the Czech Republic and has sent the following photo: Could someone please tell me what this advertisement is all about? Is it a play or an exibition? Something steampunk is happening in Prague, it appears and I would like to know more about it, please.

Iron Grip: Marauders (Beta) Review

| 19. September 2010

A few weeks back, as reported on this blog, I was invited to join the Iron Grip: Marauders community and test the game. Family matters had me occupied so I did not really get around playing the game until last week. I dived right into the game and have thus far spent a little too […]

More Steampunk Interior Design

| 17. September 2010

This one comes in through my friend and former colleague from my Games Workshop Days, Jens. So there are more companies offering Steampunk interiors for their customers. In this particular case, the company in question is Because We Can, they specialize in custom furniture and interior design. Their range is quite impressive. The Steampunk Office […]