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Riese: Kingdom Falling on

| 31. Oktober 2010

After a long time, I am happy to once again bring you some news concerning Riese the Series. The name has changed, it is now Riese: Kingdom Falling and they have switched from Youtube to It was about time. I was getting a bit itchy about it being stuck somewhere in deal-negotiation limbo. But, […]

Something Creepy

| 29. Oktober 2010

Halloween is almost upon us and apart from promoting and supporting Peter Montgommery’s Steampunk Halloween project, I have done little in the spirit of the season. Until now, that is… Just in time to get something creepy on my blog I was contacted by Joshua Hoffine who introduced his latest creation to me: Robot Now […]

A Pocket Zeppelin

| 28. Oktober 2010

This time, I have to thank both of my main contributors of material to this blog, Timo and Luftschiffharry. Within almost exactly three hours of one another they send me a link via æthermail. They both do not know each other, so this was not a orchastrated event. What they had to show me was […]

Half a Steampunk Month at

| 26. Oktober 2010

Last year, October was Steampunk Month at, this year, they probably had a budget cut or could not find enough æther, so it’s only two weeks of Steampunk and we are alread in the middle of it. I am sorry I did not mention it earlier, but there are several constraining elements. Apat from […]

Recommendations from the Ætherweb

| 24. Oktober 2010

Once again it is time I would like to point you, my dear readers,  to a few places around the ætherweb I frequently visit and I think would be of ininterest to you. First, there is obviously Clockworker, the premier German language Steampunk website, blog and community. Although being able to read German helps, there […]

And then my mind was blown out

| 21. Oktober 2010

When I checked my emails today, I found a short message from Kevin Mowrer who asked me to take a look at his art and consider it for including it in my blog. So I went over to Kevin Mowrer’s blog and checked them out. The first thing that cought my eye was the following […]

Thank Gods for Military Dieselpunk Gear

| 19. Oktober 2010

Thank the Gods (especially Cthulhu) for Army Surplus stores, seriously. Most of the stuff you get there is durable and reasonably priced. With a little looking around and the right combination you can get quite the Dielsepunk look. Most of the stuff is machine-washable and dries reasonably quickly. The third point has recently become increasingly […]

Deep Ones and The Clockwork Man

| 17. Oktober 2010

While actually not looking for fashion, I came across a company by the name of The Affair which trades in t-shirts. But to say they trade in t-shirts  and leave it at that would be like saying Terry Pratchett writes nice books or H.P. Lovecraft was a horror writer of some note. In other words, […]

Featured Artist: Alex the Kid

| 15. Oktober 2010

Already quite a while back, I mentioned a Steampunk fashion show in New Zealand. Now, there’s more Steampunk coming to us from down under. This time, I want to point your inquisitive eyes and ears towards Alex the Kid, a really fresh and new Steampunk band with a sound I find quite appealing. To wet […]

More of James Ng’s Art

| 13. Oktober 2010

As you may recall, I did a little thing on the powerful, very unique art of James Ng a few weeks back. Now imagine my delight when I opened my Æthermail inbox today to find a message from the master himself! Even better, he thanked me for my positive review (nothing to thank me, really, […]