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Steampunk on Etsy

| 28. November 2010

Well, a few posts ago I was talking about all the æthermails I receive inviting me to check out one shop or the other on Etsy, a site I do not really visit. So, after some thought I went over and looked into it. I was not looking for Steampunk gear and accessories in particular, […]

I want THAT job

| 25. November 2010

Remember my article about suitable jobs for Steampunks and Dieselpunks? Seems I missed one or two. Antiques Dealer is also a good choice… But now imagine that: You get to travel all around the country, digging through other people’s barns, attics and other assorted places of storage and discover all these things… And you get […]

Cowboys and Aliens

| 21. November 2010

This definitely comes under the heading of Weird West, which in itself is very Steampunk. But take a look yourselves: Cowboys and Aliens – Cinematic Trailer And Harrison Ford rides again! Even better: The movie is based on a comic… That lets my collector’s heart beat faster! Let’s see if and when my local dealer […]

Review: Riese: Battle for Eleysia

| 20. November 2010

As promised, here is my review of Riese: Battle for Eleysia, the official Riese: Kingdom Falling iPhone/iPod Touch game. Where shall I start? I have been waiting for a Riese: Kingdom Falling game ever since the series first premiered as Riese the Series on Youtube, back in the day… Then, after Ryan Copple sent the […]

Steampunk on Tumblr and The Dark Side

| 18. November 2010

This entry has a light side and a dark side and both concern readers’ feedback. I have on a number of occasions mentioned wonderful people who write to me, send links, share their ideas and make writing this blog a lot more fun. The latest two of these are Sarah and Phil, who have suggested […]

Lightning went to Rathalla today

| 14. November 2010

Lightning, the most suspicious of our rats, has gone to Rathalla after a drawn-out battle with mycoplasmosis. She was the most feral, the quickest of the pack and we think she was also the brains. Send our regards to Faith and your surrogate-mother Grace, little nipper. You are in our hearts forever! Art by alhava

Featured Artist: Jordan Reyne

| 13. November 2010

A few days back I found an æthermail in my inbox, inquiering if I would be willing to review and feature Jordan Reyne on this blog. My first thought was: Who? But I cannot know every single steampunk-related artist out of the top of my head, can I? And by the way: When The Cog […]

Review: Man-Made Monsters by Dr. Bob Curran

| 12. November 2010

Thanks to a strange coincidence, as noted before, I was able to review a book which concerns itself with a topic related to my essay in the issue 15 of the Gatehouse Gazette. The book in question is Man-Made Monsters: A Field Guide to Golems, Patchwork Soldiers, Homunculi, and Other Created Creatures Quite a long […]

Neil Gaiman – A Living Legend

| 10. November 2010

Neil Gaiman, a living legend, has graced this planet with his presence for half a century now. On this day in 1960 he delivered his first scream in Portchester, Hampshire, England. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gaiman! Neil Gaiman has since enriched popular culture with such game-changig works as Sandman, American Gods and The Graveyard Book. He […]

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 15

| 8. November 2010

A little late this time, the November issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette: Rather fittingly, this November issue is all about spooky subjects, after all, it is the season of the witch… Most interresting, though, I find the essay about feminism in Steampunk. The first example of gender sudies related to the subject I have […]