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In support of the People of Egypt

| 30. Januar 2011

I support the people fighting for their basic rights against an oppressive regime in Egypt. Let Mubarak hear what this little girl has to say:

Slightly odd pulp movie covers

| 29. Januar 2011

Creature from the Black Lagoon, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Night of the Living Dead, all those cult classics we love and which have ntertained us during long, lonely Saturday nights. But what would it be like if the roles were reveresed? What if humans were the monsters and villains in those films? What if […]

Even more Games Steampunks can enjoy

| 26. Januar 2011

Steampunk really has taken hold in the gaming-scene. I have already talked about, showcased and reviewed a number of games (and a second take of Iron Grip: Marauders is in the pipe) and there are always some more. The more I look around, the more seem to pop up. Here are two games I want […]

Steampunk is Sexy

| 23. Januar 2011

I guess I am telling you nothing new when I state: Steampunk is Sexy Apart from all the sharp-dressed people, the bodices, uniforms, high boots and other elements you can also get in other contexts, Steampunk has its very own and unique appeal. And then there are occasions when I find some real steamy stuff […]

A Zeppelin made of Words

| 21. Januar 2011

This is the content of this blog, brought into the form of something vaguely resembling a Zeppelin built from the most common tags and words I use:

And yet more Steampunk Art

| 20. Januar 2011

Apologies to the people I promised to feature their art way eralier than I am doing now. Alas, live is a bit hectic at the moment and I hardly have the time to update the blog as often as I want to. This entry is brought to you courtesy of the lady Lori Zawada and […]

H.G. Wells Time Machine: The Steampunk Project

| 17. Januar 2011

In 1960, the first time machine movie was released, I love that movie, always have. To this day, it remains my favourite adaption of H.G. Wells’ classic tale. Then in 2002 another adaption hit the silver screen. Looking back now, I was fortunate enough not to spend money on seeing it in the cinema. I […]

Epic Win Dieselpunk Lego

| 15. Januar 2011

Lego is such an awesome toyline. You may remember my previous happy ramblings about the inherent steampunkness of Lego. Well, there are also some rather epic Dieselpunk constructions out there. During one of my excursions into the realm of conspiracies, I happened upon an image which instantly filled my heart with delight. Since I am […]

Alex the Kid – Steampunk Music Video

| 13. Januar 2011

Alex the Kid (I’ve reviewed them previously) have a video out, please enjoy:

Abney Park needs our help! Spread the word!

| 12. Januar 2011

Hello everybody! This is important, Abney Park needs our help! Although Abney Park is famous and revered in the Steampunk scene, but if you take a look at the big picture, they have a rather fanatic but small fan community. Obviously, this means they are nowhere near as affluent as more mainstream bands. Now disaster […]