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And today’s featured article in the Wikipedia… (Part III)

| 28. Februar 2011

Ah, how great it is to visit the Wikipedia in the morning and find the following featured article on the main page: Frederick III, German Emperor The little royalist Steampunk in me rejoyces!


| 27. Februar 2011

It has been a while now since I posted something Cthulhu Mythos related. This is an almost unbearable situation. Fortunately, this post concerns the Mythos, this makes the situation more bearable. Back in the early 1990’s when I read H.P. Lovecraft for the first time (I was in my late teens then) I also came […]

J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice – Steampunk Masterpieces

| 25. Februar 2011

Hiding out there in the depth of the ætherweb are a number of places offering various services for steaming up one’s abode, as I have noted here before. I am always surprized what I manage not to find, since jewels and complete treasure troves keep appearing in my ætherbox. Which brings me to todays featured […]

Doctor Monocle encore, webfinds and æthermails

| 22. Februar 2011

This is another one of those posts that should have happened weeks ago. I mentioned Doctor Monocle in my post on Steampunk on Tumblr and was contacted by John Theesfeld, the mastermind behind Doctor Monocle. He kindly informed me there was not only the Tumblr blog but also Doctor Monocle on WordPress. The WordPress site […]

Taking it to work

| 20. Februar 2011

Yesterday the first meeting of the Club of the Bavarian Gentlemen was held. I was quite pleasantly surprized by the event and am already looking forward to the next club meeting in March. Cthulhu willing, I will be able to participate. There will be more on the meeting later on my German blog. After all, […]

Iron Grip: Marauders, play it now!

| 18. Februar 2011

Well, this is exciting news: My favourite Steampunk-themed online strategy game, come to think of it, my favourite online strategy game, period, has left the closed beta and is now in open beta. Iron Grip: Marauders awaits you! Join the fight! It features smooth gameplay, magnificent graphics, truely awesome units and a very simple interface. […]

A collection turning into a uniform

| 17. Februar 2011

Right, I am a self-confessed Zeppelin aficionado and I have a nice if rather small collection of Zeppelin paraphrenalia. In particular it appears small compared to the amounts of material collected by my friend Luftschiffharry (you find him in my links to the right). In any case, I am now actually able to dress up […]

Things are taking shape

| 15. Februar 2011

When I started this blog more than two years ago, I did not even know whether or not there were any other active Steampunks here in Germany. Then it seemed like southern Germany was pretty devoid of Steampunks and now things are moving quite fast and the community is taking shape. First of all, Cthulhu […]

Brasilian Steampunk Podcast: Steamcast

| 12. Februar 2011

My friends over at Clockworker brought my attention to this most excellent Brasilian Video Podcast, Steamcast: SteamPunk ~ SteamCast ~ Interview with James Ng (Português/English) from Conselho SteamPunk on Vimeo. For one thing, I have thus far not reported about anything happening steampunkwise in South America, and now I can report something truely splendorous. And […]

Sneak Peek: The Art of Steampunk

| 10. Februar 2011

Following up on my recent review of Art Donovan’s excellent The Art of Steampunk, I am happy to share some art taken from the book with you. Yes, this is a sneak peek into the volume and a very small one in deed. The complete book is full with photographs of similar amazing apperatures and […]