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An Observation regarding Steampunk Literature

| 30. April 2011

For some time now I have wondered why Lavie Tidhar’s works are my favourite among all of Steampunk literature. I think it is the world his novels are set in. His version of earth has the most well thought-out history, backstory and internal consistency and continuity. It is Steampunk through and through. The world and […]

Steampunk Art from Austria

| 27. April 2011

I guess few of us first think of Austria when they have to name a country with an active Steampunk community. Well, every day you lean something new. There is a scene in Austria and a pub moot in Vienna. At the center of this pub moot is a duo of artists, Steam Heart. I […]

Zeppelin Snapshot

| 25. April 2011

The weather over Easter has been excellent so far. Temperatures are more like middle of June than end of April. I am not complaining at all. Our little family obviously used the time off and the good weather for several walks in the sun. And it was during one of those (on Saturday, actually), that […]

Review: Carnal Machines – Steampunk Erotica

| 22. April 2011

Steampunk Erotica is a part of Steampunk fiction I have thus far only encountered on the website SteamyPunk. I did not really enjoy what I read there back then, when the site was pointed out to me. So recently, I received an email with the following press release: Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica Edited by D.L. […]

Edwardian Ball Los Angeles 2011

| 20. April 2011

Does this not look great? I really envy the United States (or the whole of North America for that matter) their rather active scene. Right now, the scene is picking up steam here in Europe, too, but it is still a far cry from all that is going on o the other side of the […]

The Infernal Device – Support this Steampunk Project!

| 18. April 2011

OK people, my friend Myke Amend and a few others have gotten together and started a massive art project: So, let us all band together and support the construction of this fabulous machine! Not only is it steampunk, it also runs on alternative energy sources! And you’ve got three ways of supporting: You can donate […]

Graf Zeppelin over New York in 1929

| 15. April 2011

Since I have neglected the zeppelins in recent weeks, months, actually, I felt it was necessary to do a another Zeppelin post. Two weeks have passed since I posted the last image, this time it is a piece of historical footage: I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. I could watch […]

50 Years of manned Spaceflight – In Memory of Yuri Gagarin

| 12. April 2011

In 1961, on this very day, April 12th, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. At the time of his flight, reactions were divided, just as the world was. Those days are past now, the Eastern Block does not exist anymore and the Western Block has changed a great deal, more than anyone would […]

The Ward – H.P. Lovecraft inspired sitcom

| 10. April 2011

Good job I regularly check out what my good friend Captain Serenus is doing over at Clockworker (see sidebar for link). Otherwise I would have probably failed to mention this excellent sitcom The Ward on my blog. Since the Cthulhu Mythos is the second main theme of this blog, it would have been quite disgraceful […]

Win a Copy of Camera Obscura

| 9. April 2011

As you may know through following my blog I am rather fond of Lavie Tidhar’s work and consider his latest novel Camera Obscura to be required reading for every Steampunk. Now I have a copy of Camera Obscura to give away and you could be the one to recieve it. All you have to do […]