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The Movie Monster Talent Agency

| 31. Mai 2011

I always wondered where Hollywood got the monster film stars. Thanks to the ætherweb, this question has been answered. There is a talent agency, little known outside the industry, specializing in casting monsters for various movies. The United Monster Talent Agency: THE UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY – Greg Nicotero von davehouseofhorrors Well, I think they […]

Non-Steampunk Review: Guy Adams’ Restoration

| 29. Mai 2011

Believe it or not, I sometimes actually read books that have nothing to do with Steampunk or the Cthulhu Mythos. I also like books by Richard Dawkins and similar scientists and I am rather fond of modern fantasy, a.k.a Urban Fantasy, in general. And the latter catergory brings me to today’s review of Restoration by […]

Geek Overkill: Zelda meets Tesla

| 28. Mai 2011

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic, beloved and bestselling video games of all time. I have myself guided Link in various incarnations through a number of adventures. My first encounter was in 1988 during a student exchange in St. Paul, MN. Now, geek interests often overlap. You get game geeks who […]

World War II Codebreaking Machine Restored

| 27. Mai 2011

This news item lets the little Dieselpunk in me jump with joy: The National Museum of Computing has finished restoring a Tunny machine, an allied cypher breaker of World War II. The really infuriating thing about the matter: They basically had to rebuild the whole apparatus from scratch. Most machines had been recycled and/or canibalized […]

Atomic Fertilizer

| 25. Mai 2011

Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. Looking back at the boom-time after the Second World War now, I sometimes wonder how ignorant, and blissfully ignorant people were in those days. I already posted about nuclear tourism a while ago and this advertisement from 1948 falls in the same category, casual gaming with radioactivity: I found it […]

More Steampunk Art Projects – Steampunk Music this time

| 23. Mai 2011

After my extensive coverage of The Infernal Device, I almost forgot to mention there are more Steampunk projects on Kickstarter which deserve some attention. And there is a common theme: Music This one I find particularly interesting, because it blends Victorian technology nicely with modern audio equipment and I am very exited about t and […]

We did it! The Infernal Device is GO!

| 23. Mai 2011

Oh joy! We made it! The combined power of the Steampunk community has brought The Infernal Device on the road! As I type these words, the situation is like this: Special thanks go to my good friend, the wonderful, the devine, the Mad Sonictist Veronique Chevalier. She came charging out of the mists of the […]

An Unnameable Thing in my Basement – Cthulhu Sketch!

| 22. Mai 2011

It is really weird, almost eldritch, where the Cthulhu Mythos kreeps p these days. The more you look around, the more obvious it becomes: The Mythos is everywhere! The Stars Are Almost Right! So this time, the Mythos has made it into a mainstrem Scottish comedy program I had never heard before. Very cryptic in […]

Featured Book: Steampunk Softies

| 21. Mai 2011

Steampunk is pushing into more and more areas. While crafting has long been a pillar of community activities, I have thus far encountered little regarding toys. Maybe because comparatively few of us actually have children or children who still want toys. Anyway, I hold in my hands a book which tackles exactly this thus far […]

Steampunks! Hear me! The Infernal Device needs You!

| 20. Mai 2011

Right, Myke Amend’s Infernal Device has three days left at Kickstarter and we just crossed the 60% mark. There has been an amazing rally the last few days and we are all banding together now for the final push! I just upped my pledge and I hope I can motivate some of you to go […]