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The Three Musketeers and Airships

| 30. Juni 2011

Mon Dieu! I wonder if Monsieur Dumas is turning in his grave right now or having a hearty chuckle somewhere on the other side. As you may have heard, Dumas’ most famous novel, The Three Musketeers has been turned into a movie yet again. This time it is a little… Different. How exactly? Well, since […]

You could not make it up…

| 29. Juni 2011

This entry is brought to you courtesy of My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning. In case you have not heard of it before, it is a Tumblr blog I am following and a few of the images I have posted here on previous occasions are taken from there. Today’s little gem is a piece […]

Gründerzeit Summer

| 28. Juni 2011

Just wanted to share this photo I took this morning with you. I am not exactly sure whether or not the fountain is actually Gründerzeit, i.e. late Victorian, or from after World War II, but it is one beautiful shot none the less. I actually wanted to do a slightly longer post today but the […]

Steampunk Visuals – Various Formats

| 26. Juni 2011

I have to apologize to everybody who sends æthermails with recomendations for stuff I could / should feature here. I read them all, I have a rather large list but I seldom have the time these days to take a good look at i.e. the blogs and other ætherweb sites I get pointed to. Do […]

Peter Falk has passed on

| 24. Juni 2011

Peter Falk, a.k.a. Inspector Columbo, one of the most iconic and beloved actors of the last decades has passed on. He will be sorely missed and we all hope he will eventually return saying “Oh, and another thing…”

The Steampunk Approach to Science

| 24. Juni 2011

It is a sad state of affairs that science has almost been driven off the popular consciousness. Intead, what you find is pseudoscience being distributed on TV through what is called “Infotainment”. The more outrageous the stories, the better. At the same time woo-woo quackery like magic sugar and magic water (a.k.a homeopathy), naturopathy and […]

A Piece of Japan

| 22. Juni 2011

Even if I cannot make it to Japan any time soon, I can at least enjoy some genuine Japanese food. This photo was taken at the Kushiage Enn in Munich.

An inspirational Video about recycling Ideas

| 21. Juni 2011

Happy Solstice everybody! As Steampunks, we are used to the notion of things and ideas being recycable. After all, to a degree modern Steampunk is Sci-Fi, Victoriana and the ideas first formulated by Verne and Wells recycled; mixed with a pinch of cultural criticism, counterculture and whatever else you like to add. Recycling of ideas […]

Steampunk Strategy Game Download Code Raffle!

| 19. Juni 2011

Hello everybody. It is already a while back I featured the most excellent Steampunk naval action game Naval Warfare. Quite fittingly, this high-powered, action packed gem has found its way to Steam and is available for download there. And what will be of interest for my esteemed readers: I am in posession of three download […]

Review: Hot and Steamy: Tales of Steamunk Romance

| 18. Juni 2011

After the bad experience with Carnal Machines I was a bit weary of another collection with possibly erotic content. Then I thought I should not let one such experience detract me. After all, a sample size of one is not really statistically valid and so I got myself a copy of Hot and Steamy: Tales […]