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Special News Bulletin: PBS Goes Steampunk

| 31. August 2011

Yes, Steampunk is turning from a subculture phenomenon and a phenomenal subculture into somehing that is more and more recognized by the public at large. Even better, the perception is overwhelmingly positive. So it is little wonder that major-league media players like PBS have turned their attention to Steampunk, look a this video (uploaded today […]

Time Travel and Ancient Egypt

| 31. August 2011

Here it is, positive proof of time travel: Just look at this picture, this is an actual set of hiroglyphs in or near Abydos, it is astounding! Upper left, there is a helicopter, to its right a battletank and below the tank, some type of bulky, almost egg-shaped, aircraft. Judging from the looks it is […]

Steampunk Poland – Pierwsze sprawozdanie

| 30. August 2011

Right, I did not expect to get a response so quickly but this only increases my joy. Today Daily Steampunk welcomes the first Polish and first female guest blogger, Anna from Warsaw who responded to my call for contributions from Polish Steampunks. Even better, there may be a second opinion on the matter coming up, […]

Non-Steampunk Recommendation: Good Show Sir

| 29. August 2011

Today I am once again recommending another blog to you, my dear readers, and this one is not connected to Steampunk at all but to literature in general. As you can tell from the title of this post, the blog’s name is Good Show Sir, and what a clourful and entertaining blog it is! Their […]

Angry Robot Books Strikes Again

| 28. August 2011

The guys at Angry Robot Books have come up with something big. The idea is WorldBuilder and they go into depth about what it is here, on their own blog. Now, I am really excited about this development. Two main reasons: The universe forming the frame for WorldBuilding is a 1930’s Pulp setting, in other […]

Exquisite Art

| 27. August 2011

While exploring the æthernet during one of the past hot evenings when it was simply too hot to go to sleep I came across a number of interesting items of various sort and aspect I found worth presenting here. This is the first discovery I would like to share, a most stunning piece of art, […]

Fun Friday – Furry Edition

| 26. August 2011

Who would have thought it… I am posting an update concerning Steampunk and Furries… The ætherweb really has information on everything… Well, I asked for information about Steampunk and Furries, in case someone could prove me wrong on my previous assertion that there is not too much overlap and guess what happened? The esteemed Mr. […]

Hej, Polsko Steampunks

| 25. August 2011

Jak dowiedzieliśmy sie niedawno, Steampunk jest bardzo EDIT: popularny w Polsce (was, erroniously: popularna w Polska). And because I do not speak Polish (except for a few things like “dzień dobry” and “Piwo prosze”) I had to use Google Translate to get the title and the first sentence. I appologize for any mistakes in there, […]

Steampunk Dinosaurs

| 24. August 2011

It happens in a few movies, it happens in role playing games, from the old Dungeons & Dragons to TORG to Chaosium Basic Role Playing: Intrepid explorers and adventurers encounter dinosaurs, which are, of course, some of the coolest, most awesome, and most beloved creatures/monsters of all time. Except for the obvious choice of cloning […]

Too hot to blog

| 22. August 2011

It is really rather hot today.  Summer has finally arrived here – with a vengeance. So I cannot really spend much time on my blog. Later on, I shall also see if maybe a lion or a widebeest can be spotted on the horizon, during sunset… You know the kind of cheesy image you usually […]