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Vote for The Infernal Device

| 29. September 2011

Myke Amend’s epic art project The Infernal Device needs your vote. Please go to​voting and cast your vote there. It will also be rather helpful if you can also make it to the venue in person, this is not a pure online vote. People have learned from previous experiences with that sort of thing. If you […]

Violet Tribe: The Steam Song

| 27. September 2011

It has been a while since I last posted something about steampunk-related tribal bellydance. If I have not missed something, the last article was actually about Dizzy and the Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society, almost two years ago, Fortunately, this long interval is now coming to an end with this video. A friend of mine who […]

No Girls allowed on the Moon

| 25. September 2011

Just came across this one on Paleofuture, and it firmly fits into atompunk gone a bit too far in a baseball jacket wearing direction: Those were the days… 1960. Most people were convinced there would be cities on the moon in their lifetime. Well… ummmmm… It did not quite turn out that way. At least […]

Shout-out for the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

| 24. September 2011

Just a really quick post and shout out for the fabulous people from the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, because these girl and guys have something really epic going on right now: Right now and until 8 P.M. Eastern today, the SGU 24 hour live show is on. You can watch the live video, go […]

Euro Steam Con I – Spread the Word

| 22. September 2011

So here it is, the idea of a European Steampunk Convention. Since a lot of things are happening on the other side of the Atlantic and some decent events have taken place in Britain, it is about time something major happens in continental Europe. Thus far, conventions and meet-ups have mostly been local or country-based […]

A message from John Sprocket

| 20. September 2011

Strange fluctuations in space and time. Only minutes after I finished yesterday’s article on Ghostfire, in which I mentioned The Cog is Dead, I got a message via æthermail. The message was from no other than the famed Captain John Sprocket of The Cog is Dead. He informed me of the completion of the band’s […]

Ghostfire – More Great Music

| 19. September 2011

Admittedly, it is getting harder and harder to impress me when it comes to steampunk related music. After being honoured with reviewing such notable works like Steampowered Stories by The Cog is Dead and the works of Abney Park and Veronique Chevalier in general I am always a bit worried I could get my hands […]

Electric Cars are so Dieselpunk

| 17. September 2011

Electric or at least hybrid cars are becoming fashionable these days. Rising concerns for the environment, improvement in battery technology and the realization our oil reserves will not last forever have all contributed to the rapid development of electric cars in the last few years. I was therefor quite surprized to learn of an interesting […]

The Mercury Men

| 15. September 2011

My good friend Timo just brought this little ætherweb gem to my attention: The Mercury Men   Good job I mentioned Atompunk just two days ago, this fits the bill, somewhat. The Mercury Men is quite a cool mix and new take on several genres. Jack Yaeger looks and acts like a pulp novel hero […]

Steampunk Design Contest at Mighty Fine

| 14. September 2011

The good people at Mighty Fine (I blogged about one of their t-shirt designs before) are hosting a most commendable design contest. Submit your design until October 3rd (coincidentally, that is German Unity Day) for a chance to win up to 2000 $ and a chance to have thousands of Steampunks wear your t-shirt! Even […]