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Happy Halloween everybody and Iä!

| 31. Oktober 2011

Halloween is upon us and for this reason I am blatantly going to steal my friend Hilde’s design she posted over at the Gatehouse blog, but before, here comes the cultist: Halloween is, according to the holy and wholesome writ of the Great Prophet Howard, one of the most important festivals of the Cult of […]

Some Cyberpunk Songs

| 30. Oktober 2011

Very much like Steampunk, I was interested in Cyberpunk long before I had any idea there was a name for it. Very much like William Gibson, my ideas about computers and what was going to be known as cyberspace were shaped by my total lack of technical knwowledge. My lack of technical knowledge back then […]

Justin Bieber goes Steampunk?

| 28. Oktober 2011

Nemo malus felix… I have hardly recovered from this rather drastic bout of influenza, along comes the next thing that send me reeling: Justin Bieber is using steampunk gear in his latest video/photo shoot: The image came to me via æthermail, it is also already making the rounds in the usual virtual gathering places. I […]

Headache and other reasons to be annoyed

| 26. Oktober 2011

No more updates this week, sorry. I came down with inflenza, despite the fact I got my flu-shot two weeks ago. Oh well…

Classic Belgian Comics – A Pinch of Dieselpunk

| 24. Oktober 2011

Looking at some of the comics published in and out of Belgium during the Interbellum into the 1950’s you cannot help but notice how dieselpunk (and atompunk) they are. I blogged about this before, regarding Le Secret D’Espadon, and it is also a prominent feature in The Adventures of Tintin. Granted, the above submarine is […]

Good Friends And Mindblowing Games

| 22. Oktober 2011

Yesterday, an old friend who happened to be in the area payed my little family a visit. Time was once again far too short… Ah well, there will be another CaveCon and we will surely meet again. The reason I am telling you this: He brought my attention to Guild Wars 2, and MMO I […]

Tom Slatter – Beast of the Air

| 20. Oktober 2011

It has been a while since I last posted something about one of the most talented and versatile steampunk artists in Britain, Tom Slatter. A shame, really, since his music videos a polished eye-candy. This one is yet another great steampunk adventure put into a music video: Tom Slatter facing off against the infamous Air […]

First Commercial Spaceport

| 18. Oktober 2011

Virgin Galactic has opened the first commercial space port. This could well be the future of space travel: Driven by private entrepreneurship. Right now the idea is still crazy but it makes perfect sense: If you make space travel available to the public, people will be interested in booking a really exclusive holiday or an […]

Some Burning Man Videos

| 17. Oktober 2011

Burning Man is always good for a few Steampunk impressions, and here are several fine videos of contracptions found at Burning Man over the years:  

Some quick news Items

| 15. Oktober 2011

EuroSteamCon is taking more and more shape. Right now, feedback has come in from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Italy and The Netherlands. Now, I would really like to hear something from my Polish friends… We have also bands who have signaled interest in performing at the event, notably BB […]