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Happy Birthday, Mr. Clemens

| 30. November 2011

… or Mark Twain as he is commonly known. Apart from being one of the greatest literates of the 19th century, he was also a freethinker, skeptic, satirist and technophile. And: As the image shows, at least an acquaintance if not a friend of one of our icons, Nicola Tesla.

Review: BB Black Dog – No.One.

| 29. November 2011

I have known BB Black Dog for quite a while now. Everywhere you look in the European Steampunk scene you find BB Black Dog mentioned somewhere. I was thus delighted when they inquired if I could review their album No.One. and rather surprised to learn it was their debut. The official email I got sums […]

Hey Steampunks! Help The Gearheart!

| 29. November 2011

My friend Alex of The Gearheart fame needs your help! As some of you may know, his son has rather severe autism.  Alex and his wife have found a therapy that works and helps ‘The Professor’, as the little guy is lovingly called, learning to speak and cope. But it comes with a hefty price-tag […]

MSL Liftoff and Moon Cannon

| 28. November 2011

As an astronomy geek, I simply had to share this one, the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory: Apart from the obvious science and sheer power of technology involved in here, it is also interesting to see how much actual space travel differs from early visions. Although rockets have been around for centuries, even millenia, […]

Dieselpunk Furniture made in Germany

| 27. November 2011

Furniture inspired by aeronautical design is (becoming) more common than I thought. A while back I reported on the Mitchell bomber desks. There are more, I guess there will be more retro-techno-furniture articles coming up in the future. Today I want to point your attention to Aero 1946. Aero 1946 is a German two-man company […]

This came in via Richard Dawkin’s Twitter Channel

| 25. November 2011

“RichardDawkins: Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don’t Watch Any News: Study – – – Huff Post Media –” —“ And some people keep wondering why sarcasm, despair and some light misanthropy are among my favourite hobbies…

Anne McCaffrey 1926-2011

| 23. November 2011

Anne McCaffrey, the grand old dame of science-fiction has passed on at the veneralbe age of 85. She will be sorely missed and her memory will live on.

Dieselpunk Vehicles

| 22. November 2011

Two things I came across in my facebook stream recently. Since they have a common theme, I thought it was well worth I shared them with you. First, simple and effective animation of the Phantom Corsair (so Dieselpunk in itself) with Pandora as the driver (you could almost say gunner): Along the same design line, […]

How to defend earth from Asteroids – Phil Plait

| 21. November 2011

Phil Plait (I featured a video of one of his talks before) strikes again. Please enjoy this talk and presentation he gave at TED in Boulder, Arizona, about how to defend the earth from asteroids. A very important point. Why? Do you know why the dinosaurs died out? They did not have a space program […]

Through the Ætherbox

| 20. November 2011

I have been sloppy reacting to input I received through my ætherbox recently. There have been quite a number of things trickling in, mostly in relation with the European Steampunk Convention, but also others. Planning for the ESC is one of the reasons this blog has been getting rather short updates recently. First, I want […]