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Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

| 31. März 2012

Today’s post is brought to you by a good friend of mine back from the glory days when I was still living in Nottingham. I am quite a history buff but due to the vastness of the field, I concentrate on European and African history with a little bit of far east sprinkled in. The […]

The Hindenburg Uncertainty Principle

| 29. März 2012

Something you do not find every day: A quantum physics-dieselpunk-history joke!

How Atompunk: Amazon boss finds Apollo 11 Engines

| 29. März 2012

Reminiscent of comic book industrialists, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went on an expedition to locate the lost F-1 engines of the Apollo 11 mission. They had rested on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean since July 20, 1969 but now, Bezos is now planning to raise them. More about this endeavour can be found on […]

Vintage Tomorrows – What Can Playing With the Past Teach Us About the Future?”

| 28. März 2012

An upcoming documentary with a very powerful message:

Let us prevent a War nobody wants – Iranians, We Love You!

| 27. März 2012

The rhetoric between Israel and Iran has once again reached a fever-pitch and it is not looking good right now. However, an Israeli graphics designer has used the internet to spread a powerful message: This is so beautiful, and it shows one thing: The people are tired of block-headed politicians risking everybody’s life but their […]

Jane Austen’s “Fight Club”

| 26. März 2012

By Jove! This is even better than “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies“! Jane Austen’s Fight Club – watch more funny videos And may I say, the lampooned movie, Fight Club, is highly entertaining, too.

And this is why Nature hates You!

| 26. März 2012

You know, so many people say this world is beautiful. Look at it: It is filled with life. There is life everywhere. Is life not beautiful? Well, I guess I have news for you: 99% of all species that have ever, ever, lived on earth, have died out. Some of the one’s that survived a […]

The Ultimate Fight: Tesla versus Edison

| 25. März 2012

Would this not be an epic old-school arcade game scene: So, programers out there: You know what to do, come on! Come up with something!

H.P. Lovecraft’s original Facebook and the Dancing Goths

| 24. März 2012

Out of the Æons comes the stark revelation, H.P. Lovecraft, Master of the Macabre had a Facebook decades before it was fashionable. I dare speculate the Great Race of Yith had a hand in that one. Here is proof, by the way: And while we are a bit on the lighthearted side of darkness, we […]

Announcing: The Official Dieselpunk Holiday

| 22. März 2012

This is actually official: Starting this year, November 12 2012 will be the first time we celebrate The International Dieselpunk Day! I am not quite sure how this brilliant idea got started, but as far as I know it is the brainchild of two Latin American friends of mine, but do not quote me on […]