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Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman – Title Sequence Video

| 30. April 2012

Found this beautiful short video a while back. It is a really happy little intro to one of my favourite books by two of my favourite authors. Since it is a really wonderful sunny day right here and right now, I thought I just share the happiness: Good Omens “Book Title” Sequence (Version 1) from […]

Featured Inventor: Admiral Ravensdale

| 29. April 2012

Today I present to you an invention by a personal friend of mine. Admiral Ravensdale is one of the most active and renowned German Steampunk inventors and modders. This very likely means you have not heard anything about him until now. It also means that from now on you have no excuse anymore. So, without […]

Zeppelin over Madrid

| 29. April 2012

Cudos to Decimononic for sharing this lovely Zeppelin image. I have to say, though, it looks manipulated. Never mind. Steampunk largely is fiction, so visual fiction is just fine.

Slightly whacky Dieselpunk shortfilm

| 27. April 2012

Cudos to my friend Lord K for finding this perfect piece for Fun Friday: A slightly odd short movie about a bunch of guys going on a treasure hunt for Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Please enjoy:   There must be something in the air of Scandinavia. All these crazy-cool ideas they come up with.  

The Truth on Friday

| 27. April 2012

Simon Pegg, of Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek fame, is my Hero of the Day. Very well said… Very well said!

Stand up for your style!

| 26. April 2012

The stalwart defenders of good style in the British Isles, our friends at The Chap have taken a stance against Abercrombie & Fitch opening a branch on the Savile Row in London, a street known for the class and tradition of the tailors selling their suits there. Thus, The Chap and organized a demonstration.   […]

El Investigador Anniversary Edition (I am late…)

| 25. April 2012

This is actually late news: My friends at El Investigador, one of the most well-made online magazines of our scene out there in the ætherweb, have something to celebrate: In March it was their first anniversary and for this reason they released this wonderful, Dieselpunk-themed special edition: I really should make an effort and learn […]

Plans for asteroid mining emerge

| 24. April 2012

The future has just become more Steampunk and Cyberpunk at the same time. Various billionaire entrepreneurs have come up with plans to go and mine asteroids. This is fabulous. This is so Space Opera/Mad Scientist pulp coming true. Read for yourselves:

Cthulhu loves Gaiman

| 24. April 2012

Awesome in heavy doses.

Heavy Metal Bellydance

| 23. April 2012

This young lady goes by the name of Mahafsoun. She combines classic bellydance with heavy metal and has made quite a name for herself. Please enjoy and turn it up loud!