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Shaun Gentry’s Clockwork Cthulhu – A Masterpiece!

| 31. Mai 2012

A while ago, I was contacted by the most notable gentleman Shaun Gentry about an arts project he was working on: A Clockwork Cthulhu statue. The combination of “Clockwork” and “Cthulhu” alone was enough to make my mythos-corrupted heart beat faster. In between the initial contact and Shaun sending me the photos of the completed […]

Steampunk on Fora TV

| 31. Mai 2012

So now Fora TV has made contact with Steampunk. To me, this means the subculture has been given an internet-knighthood.  

Steampunk Book Trailer — The Janus Affair: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel

| 30. Mai 2012

The trailer for the second adventure of Mr. Books and Miss Brown, watch and enjoy: And now do yourselves a favor and get the book. I have not read it myself, but after reading and reviewing some of the work of Pip and Tee here, I can assure you, The Janus Affair will be one […]

Cthulhu Cult Follow-Up

| 29. Mai 2012

Break the Rules, Do Something New, be a Daring Amateur!

| 29. Mai 2012

The attitude described here by Mr. Keats is so Steampunk: Be an individual, ask your own questions, do your own projects, inflict them on the world! Allow the word to engage you in return! To be inactive would mean to waste a chance to leave a mark. You do not have to be a professional, […]

The Cult of Cthulhu explained in one sentence

| 29. Mai 2012

There is nothing left to say. Have a fthagn-tastic week, everybody.

Dieselpunktastic and for the Veterans

| 28. Mai 2012

Augmented Reality, Steampunk and Learning: Color Vacuum

| 27. Mai 2012

From the laboratories of Curious Hat comes an app that lets you analyze the colors of the world around you. It is based on a machine invented by the elusive … Ah, no, before I spill the beans, I let the people from Curious Hat explain what the story of the Professor is: Color Vacuum […]

The Dragon has been Captured

| 25. Mai 2012

And today, on Towel Day and the 35th anniversary of Star Wars, space flight history has been written. I leave you with this image I captured from the NASA video feed. Click it to learn more about it and the historic mission.

Towel Day and Star Wars Anniversary – GeekGasm!

| 25. Mai 2012

Today, due to a cosmic alignment of non-euclidean proportions, two geektastic reasons to celebrate fall on the same day! One is the ever popular Towel Day. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it stated with te untimely demise of Douglas Adams. Here is an in-depth explanation of this holiday: And, today, 35 years ago, […]