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Eat more Insects – Save the World

| 29. Juni 2012

Watch this, it is all true: Insects are great food, protein-absorbtion from eating insects is better than when you eat beef, for example. Besides, like it or not: Shrimps and lobster are related to spiders, just count the legs. So why don’t you dig into a scorpion or tarantula? Other people do it. Another fact: […]

Adopt a Werewolf Puppy today!

| 27. Juni 2012

For centuries, self-declared monster hunters have gone out into the dark forests and remorselessly slaughtered members of one of the rarest species on the planet: Werewolves Few people have ever wasted a thought on the fact that some of those beautiful, powerful and magnificent creatures they slew had families of their own. More often than […]

Cthulhu lurks where you least expect him!

| 26. Juni 2012

You should always watch out where you let your little loved ones swim, as this image amply shows: But then again, you could juts be a friendly neighbourhood Cthulhu cultist who wants their offspring to meet the Great Old Ones as early as possible. In the latter case: Just go ahead!

Podcast: Interview with Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris

| 24. Juni 2012

Total Steampunk domination! Alex and Johanna of and me have teamed up and bribed Pip and Tee of Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences fame to talk about their work, the Ministry and various things in general. We had a great time, we thank them so much for an awesome 90 minutes and this is what […]

Happy Birthday Alan Turing!

| 23. Juni 2012

Science Holiday! Today, Alan Turing, would have celebrated his 100th birthday. He is one of the fathers of the modern age, due to his contributions to the then emerging field of computer science.     Also, the Turing-test, a method to determine the ability of a computer to think like a human was first suggested […]

Depressed Cthulhu takes a Bath

| 21. Juni 2012

Yea, I guess it must be hard, being trapped beneath the Pacific Ocean for eons. Sometimes, Cthulhu just has to pretend to be up there in the open air. It is the only way to cope.

Gentlemen need Cocktails!

| 18. Juni 2012

Well, it took some time but summer has hit. Now it is rather on the warm side outside, in other terms: It is cocktail weather. Under most circumstances, my cocktail of choice is the White Russian, which, coincidentally, has nothing to do with my political stance. If you did not get the joke, look it […]

Review: Strange Artifact – The Antikythera Mechanism

| 17. Juni 2012

The Antikythera Mechanism is Strange Artifact’s first long player. Strange Artifact themselves are Japan’s first full-fledged Steampunk band. I must admit, of all the album reviews I have made thus far, The Antikythera Mechanism was the most difficult. For one, although I speak a little Japanese, it is nowhere sufficient to understand what MaRy is […]

The Aether Dancer Steampunk OS Project needs you!

| 15. Juni 2012

Want to see Captain Ivanova a.k.a. Claudia Christian take the helm of an airship? Me, too! All we have to do now is stick together and get this epic project on the road: Support Aether Dancer!

Have a most splendid International Steampunk Day!

| 14. Juni 2012

Today, June 14th, is International Steampunk Day, the day we Steampunks have no excuse not to flash our gear, parade around and show pride in our subculture! So, in the Air Kraken’s name, do something steampunk today! Listen to some bands like Victor Sierra or Ghostfire or The Cog is Dead, watch a Steampunk movie […]