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European Steampunk Convention Support Raffle – Spread the word!

| 30. August 2012

Please share and tweet this! The time of the European Steampunk Convention is fast approaching and our friends from the Golden Gear Forum in Spain have come up with a brilliant idea: A Raffle. The raffle prizes are: A dress for ladies and a coat and waistcoat for gentlemen. I gladly vouch for their quality. […]

An image from the surface of Mars

| 29. August 2012

I simply glad to share this, it just came in via our friends at NASA. The MSL has taken this magnificent and inspiring image on the surface of Mars. This is how its surrounding looks like. Desolate, but eerily picturesque:

Dirigible Days MINISODE – The Ship Christening

| 28. August 2012

A bit outside the story line, but incredibly helpful to pass the time unitl the next episode:

Ad Astra Neil Armstrong! Your memory lives on forever!

| 25. August 2012

Neil Armstrong, a hero of the 20th century, a living legend, the first man to walk on the moon has passed on. And it is rare a quote from the Hávamál is as fitting as it is here: Cattle die, kinsmen die you yourself die; I know one thing which never dies: the fate of the […]

Review: Sunday Driver UK – The Mutiny

| 25. August 2012

Another Steampunk album, another different style, another work I cannot complain about. This time it is The Mutiny by Sunday Driver UK, one of the more prominent bands in the Steampunk scene. Where to start? The Mutiny is a beautiful and very atmospheric album. It conjures visions of a slightly alternative 1920’s speakeasy filled with mobsters, airship […]

A disturbing glimpse into a more cyberpunk future

| 23. August 2012

Like it or not, I think an encounter like the one below is not so unrealistic as some would like or hope. I guess the short film hits the nail on the head: A stalker/player of this kind could easily be a reality once Google Goggles go through several iterations:

More amazing art by James Ng

| 21. August 2012

Well, what can I say, this is already the third time I feature the art of the most amazing James Ng on this blog, but what choice do I have? His great body of work simply keeps delighting and surprising me. It would be a real shame not to display his works here and share […]

A Tesla Museum!

| 20. August 2012

My friends and fellow conspirators over at the gatehouse have already blogged about it and now I also finally come round to promoting this wonderful project: Operation “Let’s build a Goddamn Tesla Museum” How much more worthy could a Steampunk/Teslapunk project be, if I may ask. It is hardly conceivable. Now, the land where Tesla’s […]

Cult Worship Post: Happy Birthday, Mr. Lovecraft

| 20. August 2012

H.P. Loveceraft would have been 122 today, so all cultists pay homage to him this day. Mr. Lovecraft, your followers await your glorious return on the day the stars become right again!

The Non-Euclidean Æthercast: Steampunk Projects and the Mars Rover

| 19. August 2012

The last podcast before I go to Vienna for the European Steampunk Convention. It was recorded under somewhat unusual circumstances on-the-fly while I was trudging through the part of western Germany to which the railway came last. And now for some links: My book, Kurz & Geek: Steampunk Mars Science Laboratory