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A Video from the Vienna EuroSteamCon Party

| 30. September 2012

The European Steampunk Convention Party in Vienna was even better than I had imagined. I will produce a podcast about the party and the whole event (or two, or three) in the coming weeks, for now, I want to share this very entertaining snippet I recorded in the early hours of Sunday:

Club Pi before the Storm

| 29. September 2012

All right. Now I have made it to Club Pi for the European Steampunk Convention, and I am able to share this photo with you. This is a facet of the bar before the storm:

Next Stop: Vienna and the European Steampunk Convention

| 28. September 2012

All right, this is it. As soon as I finish this blog-post I will pack my things for the European Steampunk Convention party in Vienna. Since I will leave really early tomorrow, I will also post some photos during the day from the old capital of the K.u.K. realm, or rather, tweet them as a […]

About time I out myself as a Doctor Who fan

| 25. September 2012

So here I go, please enjoy this little mini-series compilation: And here are some details concerning the galaxy’s most beloved plunger-wielders:

Escape the Clouds – Every Storm has an End

| 25. September 2012

Not only a great song, but this video is a work of art, too:

Just one week to go until The European Steampunk Convention

| 22. September 2012

Just one week to go… Oh my! When the European Steampunk Convention was still just an idea back in September 2011, a year seemed such a long time. Now it is September 2012, a year has passed (surprise!) and the European Steampunk Convention will happen. I hope it will be the first of many, obviously, […]

Dirigible Days Episode 2 – Strange Cargo

| 18. September 2012

I see you in a week or so

| 13. September 2012

Once again, it is time to go on a voyage. The destination is set, the base already established, now Zeppelin and crew fire up the engines. I will be back in a week or so!

The Paralympics 2012 Closing Ceremony – Very Steampunk!

| 10. September 2012

Chance Encounter with a historic Steam Train

| 9. September 2012

Yesterday, i was at Augsburg main station with my family, and the fates conspired in my favor. A few minutes after we arrived, a historic steam train pulled in at the next platform. I rushed over and took this short video: If only the sun had not been more or less behind the train. The […]