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German Steampunk Crowdfunding Project

| 29. November 2012

Even though this part of the blog is not directly targeted at the German Steampunk crowd, it is targeted at the international crowd, I do not want to withhold this project from you: The most excellent gentleman Mr. Olaf Heitmann has started a splendid crowd funding project concerning an illustrated guide to Steampunk, a German […]

Crosswind – Another intriguing tale

| 29. November 2012

I mentioned in the last podcast I have a back-list of some 30 books I want to read and review, all Steampunk related. Well, here’s one more. Crosswind by Steve Rzasa   This is what it says on the sleeve: It’s been almost five hundred years since the collapse of the Great Commonwealth. The plagues […]

Professor Elemental strikes again

| 27. November 2012

It is with great pleasure I present to you this newest of Professor Elemental’s masterpieces. I’m British Yes, in deed! In my case Nottingham forever, even when I’m far away!

Non-Euclidean Æthercast Episode 9: We can’t be everywhere

| 25. November 2012

Today is all about the fact that we as a scene and especially those of us who run the better known websites cannot be everywhere. Things will be overlooked, events will not be featured for the simple fact that people do not get around to doing a feature. There is no ill will involved, seriously. […]

Leviathans – Soon to be an online game!

| 23. November 2012

The huge anticipation over online games in development for release in 2013 for the epic Shadowrun and BattleTech universes demonstrates that visually dynamic, story-driven realms wed fantastically with digital mediums. With the release of the years-in-development tactical combat game, Leviathans, Catalyst Game Labs has embraced the creation of another, epic, fully-fleshed-out experience: a 1910 alternate history, steampunk setting where wet […]

Something is going on on Mars…

| 21. November 2012

Well, NASA has announced the Curiosity Rover has made a discovery on Mars but this is all for now. Apparently, someone has also said that, if the discovery is confirmed, it will be one for the history books. Of course, everybody is now lurking for the announcement of LIFE ON MARS! but let us keep […]

Steampunking American History -Steam Patriots

| 18. November 2012

I have had several run-ins with the American way to paint history in my time. Chiefly during the student’s exchange in 1988/89. It is therefore with some mixed feelings I present this Steampunk Kickstarter project to you. It sounds really interesting, but I am a little cautious about it. If you are an American yourself, […]

Steampunk for the Little Ones

| 16. November 2012

Explaining your favourite subculture to your children can be a daunting task. Therefor, we have to expose them as early as possible and instill the fascination we feel in them. For me, this fascination started with my encounter with a Zeppelin on TV. I must have been four or five years old at the time. […]

Where Samara and Damien go when their parents are at work

| 14. November 2012

Have you ever wondered, where all those spooky kids like Damien, Samara and Regan spend their time when their parents are at work? After all, you cannot let these very special children spend time with their less-gifted peers. As it is very often the case, those not blessed with the powers of a supernatural child […]

At the Mountains of Madness – Animated short film

| 12. November 2012

At the Mountains of Madness is one of H.P. Lovecrafts best known and most beloved works. It is actually No. 4 in my personal Top 10 of Cthulhu Mythos fiction. The first three being The Colour out of Space, The Call of Cthulhu and The Shadow over Innsmouth. Rumor of At the Mountains of Madness […]