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LZ 11 Viktoria Louise

| 27. Februar 2013

It has been a really long time since I last posted a Zeppelin image. This is the passenger Zeppelin LZ 11 Viktoria Louise, her maiden flight was 14th of February 1912. She is named after the youngest daugher of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Restored Me-262 in flight

| 25. Februar 2013

Footage of a restored Me-262 Schwalbe taking off on a 30-minutes flight to a nearby airbase. Pure bliss!

Steampunk Concert 22.02.2012 Eindhoven – Impressions and Loot

| 23. Februar 2013

It may be hard to believe, but yesterday marked the first time I attended a proper pure-strain Steampunk concert. Until then I had to be content with listening to downloads and hear the tales others told me. Luckily, I was able to make up for the long wait by attending the best concert I have […]

Atompunk: Unused Space Suit Designs

| 21. Februar 2013

The more I dig into the Atompunk side of things, the more wonderful tech-gems pop up. I had no idea what a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful hides in the Atompunk timeframe. During the height of the space race, both the Soviet Union and the United States used massive amounts of resources to […]

Steampunk in The Kingdom of Loathing

| 19. Februar 2013

Three cheers for an awesome game and the permeation of steampunk into popular culture and consciousness! The Kingdom of Loathing, simply the best low-tech, crappy graphics satirical game in the history of forever has come up with a Steampunked monster class: The Steampunk Giant, a new encounter and inhabitant of The Castle in the Clouds […]

Minutes at the Edge #2: Long Dead Things and Modern Descendants

| 18. Februar 2013

Today’s cigarette-break sized science podcast is all about research into evolution, specifically the evolution of birds and placental mammals. All squishy science! Subscribe on iTunes Further reading: Transitional Fossil Denial and Feathered Dinosaurs Dinosaurs with stubby feathers Placental Mammal ancestors after the K-Pg extinction event  BBC article on mammalian ancestors Multituberculate Mammals

… he penned a tome that’s called the Al Azif

| 18. Februar 2013

For all you Cthulhu Cultists out there: Here is another hymn for your gatherings!

Delayed review: Airlords of Airia

| 17. Februar 2013

I am so glad I finally got to see this movie. A little background information why I am so glad: I reside in Germany and Airlords of Airia is a German project. I have been in contact with the people behind the movie since the beginning and got an invitation to the premiere, but could […]

Support Victor Sierra’s New Album Fundraiser

| 15. Februar 2013

Victor Sierra, in my humble opinion continental Europe’s supreme Steampunk band is working on another album, and they need our help. After all, maintaining an airship like the Hydrogen Queen is expensive. In their own words: What We Need: We’re planning to release a new album in May 2013, but we need: Equipment… Cogs…Hydrogen…Steam…Fabric…Lead (to […]

Alima Qaniss – Scientist and Pilot for Hire

| 14. Februar 2013

Another character joins the ranks of Steampunk India – Alima Qaniss, accomplished scientist turned pilot-for-hire:   According to Steampunk India, a story centred on this character is coming up, I am looking forward to reading it. In case you wonder who the stunning lady is (I know you do), her name is Ravina Rapture and […]