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Spanish Steampunk Magic Book

| 29. April 2013

I have often times praised the Spanish Steampunk scene here on my blog. Our Spanish friends have created a scene that just keeps on creating. Case in point, Alex of Steampunkeye has created a Steampunk magic book, a work in progress and looking very promising: So, pay him a visit and check the site out (it […]

Sci-Fi Web Series Dirigible Days Announces Comic Book Sequel

| 27. April 2013

Sorry, people, I am a bit late (this came in over a week ago) but you know how it is sometimes… Anyway, it is with great pleasure, I point your attention to the following announcement:   St. Louis, April 19, 2013 – Day 304 Productions is developing a comic book sequel to their award-winning steampunk […]

Battleship Barnum’s Dream – It truely is a dream

| 24. April 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, every now and then, I find a true jewel in my ætherbox, a link to a site, video or image that s truly inspiring. Today, I found an æthermail by the most honourable gentleman Ed Ross,presenting his creation, the battleship Barnum’s Dream. A stunning masterpiece of craftsmanship and a suitable story to […]

The Non-Euclidean Æthercast #16: Literature and University

| 21. April 2013

Today’s episode of the Non-Euclidean Æthercast focusses on things that are going on in German Steampunk literature, my backlist of books to review and an upcoming presentation I will give on Steampunk at TU Dortmund (the U is for University, in case you wonder). Please Enjoy!     Subscribe on iTunes

Review: The Good, The Bad and The Infernal by Guy Adams

| 20. April 2013

When I first heard Guy Adams had published a weird west-steampunk-horror novel, the first of a trilogy no less, I simply had to get my hands on it. After reading The World House and Restoration, I thought it would be a safe bet The Good, The Bad and The Infernal would also be a great […]

Steampunk Photoshoot with Mahafsoun

| 17. April 2013

The fair lady Mahafsoun, regular readers of this blog will be familiar with her, has now officially crossed into Steampunk after carving out a significant place for herself in the Heavy Metal and Gothic scenes. I think it was only a matter of time, since the scenes are connected anyway and Mahafsoun is doing a […]

Fight alongside Batman! Do it!

| 16. April 2013

I guess I am not the only one here who dreamt of fighting along one superhero or another. Well, as it turns out, we all have the chance to join Batman’s team in a fight for a better world. As of today, I have joined the team and I urge every single one of you […]

J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice – Third feature

| 14. April 2013

Now this is a first. To be more precise, this is the first time a website gets featured three times, but J.W.Kinsey’s Artifice truly deserves it. Mr. Kinsey is a master craftsman, creating one wonderful artifact after another, so it is with great pleasure I present the following gallery o his latest inventions (and a portrait […]

Review: Vintage Tomorrows

| 12. April 2013

The first thing that struck me about Vintage Tomorrows was its size. Almost 400 pages of information on Steampunk, maker culture, counter-culture, history of the scene, events, and the list goes on. The authors James H. Carrott and Brian D. Johnson set out to discover the scene for themselves and take a very personal dive. […]

Beautiful Contraptions made from Junkyard Parts

| 11. April 2013

Oh the BBC… What would I do without the BBC! Take a look at this, Rob Higgs is a tinkerer par excellence!