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Guy Adams’ guest post on

| 9. April 2013

One of my favourite authors, Guy Adams, whose two part World House series I have reviewed here on this blog has posted a guest article on the very prestigious website. Please check out the full article. In short, the blog post is about Guy Adams’ weird west/Steampunk western The Good, The Bad And The […]

Minutes at the Edge #3: Cthulhu Macrofasciculumque

| 7. April 2013

In today’s episode I introduce you to the most splendid newly discovered organism which bears the name of my favourite Great Old One, please enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes Further reading: Eukaryotes in general The Parabasalia Cell structure in general     Most importantly, the paper describing Cthulhu macrofasciculumque and his daughter Cthylla microfasceculumque: Cthulhu Macrofasciculumque […]

When Poe and Lovecraft met up

| 4. April 2013

The Art of Vadim Voitekhovitch

| 3. April 2013

It was already back in 2010 when I posted an image of a most splendid airship by Vadim Voitekhovitch to illustrate an article about Steampunk in Russia. This one: Back then, I did not know who the artist was, I have since been informed and updated the blog post. Now it is high time to feature […]

I am changing the format and mission of the Traveler’s Steampunk Blog

| 1. April 2013

The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog has been around a while now. It will be five years this summer. It has carved out its little place in the Steampunk scene and it enjoys a constant stream of visitors. Recently I noticed the most popular posts are the ones about erotica and Steampunk. As you can see a […]