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Minutes at the Edge #4: Mammoths and Cloning

| 29. Mai 2013

Another Mammoth carcass has been found in the frozen wastes of Siberia. More specifically on Lyakhovsky Islands and the Mammoth, a female, was about 50 – 60 years old. What is most intriguing about this find: The scientists who discovered the carcass also found liquid blood, liquid at temperatures significantly below freezing. The Mammoth itself […]

Happy Birthday, Peter Cushing

| 27. Mai 2013

Grand Moff Tarkin Doctor Who Doctor Van Helsing Sherlock Holmes and many, many more. All these are names connected to Mr Peter Cushing, one of the great old men of British cinema. Although never quite as popular during his life time than Hammer Film co-star Christopher Lee (film adversary and real life friend) he has […]

To all you froods: Happy Towel Day!

| 25. Mai 2013

On this Towel Day 2013 I shall do something different. I shall go out there and use my towel to flag down a UFO. If you do not hear or read from me in a while, I may have been successful.

Review: Victor Sierra – Yesterday’s Tomorrow

| 24. Mai 2013

So here it is, the Steampunk album I have waited for ever since I read it was in the works. After listening to and liking Electric Rain, their previous album, I was very excited to get an early copy of Yesterday’s Tomorrow. The album contains both singles available previously, such as Steampunk Symphony and the […]

Help fund Accurate Comics Online

| 22. Mai 2013

I have been a comic collector for the past 18 years now, starting with Gen 13 and The X-Files and later collecting Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in its entirety. So now it is with great pleasure I present the following fundraiser to you: My friend Louis Shosty (of Space: 1889 and Beyond fame and others, I […]

The Chaos Engine – An old jewel

| 19. Mai 2013

1993 was a significant year for me. For one, I finished school and started an ill-fated and luckily short-lived sojourn into banking. More importantly, I discovered this game, which quickly became my favourite. The Chaos Engine. A game that enthralled me from the first time I saw it. I played it for hours on end at a […]

Learning to read – Steampunk Style!

| 16. Mai 2013

Want to get your children into Steampunk at a really early age? Why not use the Steampunk Alphabet Book: It is not only a wonderful tool for early exposure to your favourite subculture and an excellent way to teach very early learning skills, no, as you can see, it is also a beautiful work of […]

The surprising need for strangeness

| 15. Mai 2013

Strangeness is great. After all, we Steampunks are a pretty strange bunch. Now listen to this: Strangeness is a great thing, triggering innovation and change, as Maria Bezaitis will tell you: So people: Stay strange and help humanity! Oh, and by the way: Have you noticed the Steampunk decor in the background? Yes, it seems […]

Featured website, film and project: The Cosmonaut

| 12. Mai 2013

Let me point your attention to this amazing project: The Cosmonaut (   The Cosmonaut is a crowd-funded project, four years in the making. What sets it apart: It is completely CC. Once you get your hands on the material, you can use it for your own purposes. Here’s what the people behind it, Riot […]

Steampunk Magic Book – The Fundraiser

| 9. Mai 2013

Alex of the Steampunk Magic Book (see below) got back to me and informed me he now has a fundraiser running to get the book in print. Concerning the fundraiser, I think it is most important to know that the art, all 48 pages of it, is already finished. The fundraiser is for the print […]