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Dieselpunk Marshal Mannerheim

Posted By on 29. Juni 2013

Out of Finland comes another jewel.

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland and Hero of the Winter War has been re-imagined by artist Sampo Marjomaa as a Dieselpunk hero:

Marshal 3000 - Dieselpunk Mannerheim

The full project can be admired here: Marshal 3000. It sets Mannerheim on a journey through time and space.

A Dieselpunk Marshal Mannerheim, is a really intriguing figure. Under his leadership, the Finnish Army gave the far mightier Soviet Red Army a very bloody nose:

Winter War - Statistics

© Wikipedia

Now imagine what the outcome would have been, hat the Finns been able to field Diesempunk equipment. But that is just a thought. Now pay Marshal 3000 a visit, be inspired. The project is very minimalist and very effective in getting ideas into the viewers head.



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