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Steampunk Mead!

| 9. Juni 2013

J&J Miracle Mead – The first Steampunk-themed mead brewery needs your help! And as somebody who not only enjoys mead but prefers it when it comes to toasting the gods, it is an honour to support this project and start-up.   Here’s some details:   Many a mead that will make you happy! What is […]

Review: Leviathans in the Clouds (Space: 1889 & Beyond)

| 6. Juni 2013

So here it is, Leviathans in the Clouds (Space: 1889 & Beyond Season Two), the second Space:1889 & Beyond tale set on Venus and I was a bit weary. After the horrific Nazi-stereotype parade that was Vandals on Venus I braced myself for impact. My fears were unfounded, I am glad to say. There is […]

The Non-Euclidean Æthercast #17: Yelling Fanboy Edition and RPC 2013 in Cologne

| 3. Juni 2013

Following up on yesterday’s blog post, here’s my podcast on my visit to the Role Playing Convention in Cologne last Saturday. Also, I am talking about the Steampunk Soirée which followed the Convention in the evening and the people I met, most notably, Joe Dever and Anja Bagus.   Subscribe on iTunes

From the Dawn of my Roleplaying Days

| 2. Juni 2013

2013 is my 25th year as a role player. I started with D&D and various solo role-playing games. The very first solo adventure book I bought was Flight from the Dark by Joe Dever, the first book of the long-running Lone Wolf series. I became and still am a massive Lone Wolf fan, I actually […]