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Willits 2013 Kinetic Carnivale Trailer

| 30. Juli 2013

Willits Kinetic Carnival in California is returning this year on September 7th and 8th. This is the trailer (actually a compilation of clips taken at last year’s event): To find out more, visit the Facebook Page of the Kinetic Carnivale I will very likely not make it there, the Atlantic Ocean is not that easy […]

Interview with the crew of Aurelia – Edge of Darkness

| 28. Juli 2013

AURELIA: Edge of Darkness Interview Contributors- – Lisa Walker England | Creator, Writer, Showrunner – Kelly Cook | Assistant Producer & Actor Coach – Nick DeMartino | Marketing Director for Theatrics ( Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Lisa: “I’m a self-described “compulsive storyteller” from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve been making up stories and […]

Intriguing: The Elisabeth Kill

| 25. Juli 2013

I just found a note in my ætherbox pointing my attention to a most interesting Steampunk band from the City of Angels by the name of The Elisabeth Kill. I will have a deeper look into the matter, for now, here is a little teaser from their very own little web series:   This will […]

Dieselpunk: Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender

| 24. Juli 2013

Here is another one of the design-jewels spawned by World War II that did not go very far but at least three prototypes of this wonderful machine were built: The Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender One of the prototypes is still on display at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The other two crashed during flights with […]

Forsaken – Russian Steampunk Fantasy Art

| 21. Juli 2013

The following image is in today’s “Daily Deviations” feature on DeviantArt and it is so hauntingly beautiful, I just had to share it (apart from the slight Steampunk elements, that is): My first thought was “Steampunk Cassandra”, equipped with a helmet which lets her see the future, yet nobody will listen. A very powerful image […]

Steampunk Fantasy “Aurelia: Edge of Darkness” Launches on

| 18. Juli 2013

This has just been brought to my attention and it sounds very intriguing in deed: Interactive Web Drama Invites the Audience to Create a Character and Help Tell the Story in Video, Images and Text HOUSTON / LOS ANGELES – (July 17, 2013) –, LLC, an interactive media company today announced its collaboration with […]

Captain Nemo dives again

| 17. Juli 2013

Some time ago already I came across this image on the ætherweb:   Excellent. I was most intrigued since in context it hinted at an independent project to turn 40,000 Leagues under the Sea into an animated movie. Best thing to do since my curiosity was kindled, was to contact the gentleman who posted it […]

Review: The Cog is Dead – Full Steam Ahead

| 13. Juli 2013

Oh my! The Cog is Dead have released their second album, Full Steam Ahead, and I have the pleasure of reviewing it. The Cog is Dead made a big splash with their debut, Steam Powered Stories, so my first reaction to the new album was: “Let’s see if they can keep the level they set with […]

An Evil Shot of Vodka for Friday

| 12. Juli 2013

For all you Steampunks with metaphysical inclinations. Those of you who regularly attend seances, here comes the perfect drink to get you into the mood and maybe attract some additional spirits: Find out more on their official blog and website, they are still in the start-up phase, but who knows what evil will pour out […]

Dalek Poetry

| 10. Juli 2013

This has nothing to do with anything, comes completely unprovoked. I simply almost choked on my coffee watching this, and I thought I give you all the opportunity to do the same: