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SteamTour in Marseille – Photo Gallery

| 31. August 2013

Credit for this post goes to an online friend of mine, Andreas Buchty, who visited the SteamTour in Marseille and was kind enough to send the following photos to me for publishing. So through Andreas’ generosity, I am now able to share this really huge gallery with you, full of wonderful people enjoying a Steampunk […]

A Monument to Azathoth

| 30. August 2013

The Cult is active! Hurray and Iäh! Oklahoma City has an active circle of worshippers for Azathoth, who dances mindlessly and eternally at the center of the cosmos! Look for yourselves, they have erected a monument in his honour! Azathoth, Azathoth, Azathoth the king! At the center of the Universe, insanity he brings – hey!

Cross-Post from the Gatehouse Gazette

| 29. August 2013

Hilde Heyvaert, one of my best and oldest friends in the Steampunk scene, has published a most excellent article/rant over at The Gatehouse. With her permission, I am cross-posting it here, because it beautifully captures another one of those weird attitudes you find in our scene. Some people really have a desperate need to be […]

Food for thought

| 26. August 2013

We should all work together and make this idea real. Plus: If you offer to buy a book for another person, you also show your interest in their mind, soul and psyche. You are not shallow and since you both met in a book store, the other one is unlikely to be shallow, too.

When in doubt, post a photo of a Zeppelin

| 25. August 2013

As a person educated in these matters recognises, this is USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) doing some gymnastics shortly after 1:30 PM on 25 August 1927 at Lakehurst. The image is in the public domain.

My Son’s Steampunk Artwork

| 22. August 2013

The other day, my son, who only recently celebrated his third birthday, came to me, handed me his magic drawing board with a little picture he had just drawn on it and declared: “This is a Steampunk!” with all the dignity and pride only a little boy can muster. This is what he handed me: […]

1-2-3 Lovecraft!

| 20. August 2013

Today is the 123rd birthday of His Macabre Grace Howard Phillips Lovecraft, as if this blog needed a special reason to mark his birthday anyway… So tonight, I will drink a glass of mead, pretend it is space mead (although this is actually an invention by Derleth) and begin a futile wait for a Byakhee […]

The Saga continues: Dirigible Days joins cast of video game Dreamland Delivery

| 19. August 2013

Fresh and hot of the press: Dirigible Days joins cast of video game Dreamland Delivery St. Louis, Missouri – August 19, 2013 – The award-winning steampunk media franchise Dirigible Days has become the latest entry to join the cast of the upcoming tablet game Dreamland Delivery and the Nightmare Knight. Created by Indianapolis-based Puca Studios, […]

Book Feature: Shadows Against the Empire

| 18. August 2013

I really wish I had a time machine, so I could add some hours every day to read all the books that make it to my inbox. Case in point: Shadows Against the Empire by Ralph Vaughan Synopsis: It is 1882, and a Pax Britannica dominates the Solar System. The dominance of Britain in trade, […]

Spinelly Arianne Photographie – Why are Spaniards so awesome?

| 14. August 2013

Continuing yesterday’s theme of visual art, today’s featured artist is Spinelly Arianne Photographie. Spinelly Arianne Photographie came to my attention because a lot of photographs of the Barcelona Steampunc crowd are by her, and those blew me away. For one thing, the photographs are a lot more colourful than you regularly get with Steampunk-themed photographic […]