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Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western

| 2. August 2013

This is terribly overdue, sorry Jonathan. Already some time ago I received this really nice feedback comment: Dear Traveler, I am loving your blog. I’m a huge fan of all things steampunk, which will make even more sense as you read the rest of this message. You’ve reviewed a lot of books that I haven’t […]

Do not hate on Geek Girls

| 2. August 2013

This fits nicely to yesterday’s podcast. Apparently, there are violaters of Wheaton’s law (Don’t be a dick!) going round to wonderfully geeky girls, telling them, they (the girls) are not geeky enough. Or they have to prove their geekyness to those examples of human refuse. Well, not geeky enough, here’s the answer the geek nazis […]