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The surreal Steampunk Art of Jarosław Jaśnikowski

| 13. August 2013

The flow of outstanding people producing amazing Steampunk art apparently never ends. Today’s featured artist is the honourable Jarosław Jaśnikowski of Poland. I recently came across his work while sifting through my usual sources for Steampunk material. Mr. Jarosław Jaśnikowski is unique in his mixing of Steampunk with distinctly surrealist elements, reminiscent of Dali. It […]

Gary Nicholls – The Imaginarium

| 11. August 2013

May I point your esteemed attention once again towards a brilliant artist: Gary Nicholls, a British photographic artist taking the steampunk world by storm, is preparing to release the first tranche of his conceptualised neo-gothic fairy story eponymously based on the Victorian fairground attractions of The Imaginarium. This fantastical tale celebrates the redemption of one […]

Doctor Who and Firefly in a Steampunk Webseries?

| 9. August 2013

That at least is one of the features of a planned Steampunk webseries by the name of TINKERS. The press release for TINKERS sounds intriguing and has quite a list of names attached to it: Prepare for a high-flying steampunk adventure in this all-new sci-fi/fantasy series about a pair of talented inventors called, the TINKERS. […]

Compass Steampunk Fashion Evening in London

| 8. August 2013

Can you make it to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham rather easily? Are you interested in Steampunk? If the answer to both questions ins yes, then I have an event which could be of some interest to you: The 1st Compass Steampunk Fashion Evening! One night of tantalizing acts. The Compass Steampunk Fashion […]

Aurora – Award Winning Steampunk Short Film

| 6. August 2013

From Down Under comes this award winning jewel: Aurora, it won the award for Best Action/Adventure film at the San Francisco Comic Con, an achievement, the makers can be truly proud of. But enough words, here is the full-length film for your viewing pleasure:

Eνα μεγάλο γεια στους ελληνιές Steampunks!

| 5. August 2013

Eνα μεγάλο γεια στους ελληνιές Steampunks! Ελπίζω να είστε εκεί έξω; Ερωτώ, επειδή δεν έχουμε καμία επαφή μαζί σας. Η ευρωπαϊκή σκηνή Steampunk εκτείνεται από τον Ατλαντικό μέχρι τα Ουράλια και από το Βόρειο Ακρωτήριο στη Μεσόγειο. Γνωρίζουμε Steampunks από όλη την Ευρώπη, αλλά δεν ακούμε τίποτα από την Ελλάδα. Eάν είστε εκεί έξω, ελάτε […]

Book Feature: Blowing Off Steam

| 4. August 2013

The Book Feature category is gaining some momentum. Here is its second installment, and today’s featured novel is Blowing Off Steam: Book Description: Western Steampunk / Sci-Fi Novella- contains some adult subject matter not suitable for young children.(Sounds promising) The time is 1891, the place- Arizona Territory. A year has passed since the death of […]

Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western

| 2. August 2013

This is terribly overdue, sorry Jonathan. Already some time ago I received this really nice feedback comment: Dear Traveler, I am loving your blog. I’m a huge fan of all things steampunk, which will make even more sense as you read the rest of this message. You’ve reviewed a lot of books that I haven’t […]

Do not hate on Geek Girls

| 2. August 2013

This fits nicely to yesterday’s podcast. Apparently, there are violaters of Wheaton’s law (Don’t be a dick!) going round to wonderfully geeky girls, telling them, they (the girls) are not geeky enough. Or they have to prove their geekyness to those examples of human refuse. Well, not geeky enough, here’s the answer the geek nazis […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #19: Leibstandarte Adolf Steampunk

| 1. August 2013

Today’s episode of the Non-Euclidean Æthercast is all about the people who spoil the fun for everybody else: The Steampunk Inquisitors and Nazis, the self-declared Guardians of True Steampunk™. Every subculture has them in one form or the other, this podcast is my rant and opinion-piece. It is a bit harsh, but nevertheless, enjoy! Subscribe […]