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Google goes Dieselpunk

| 5. November 2013

Today is the 120th birthday of iconic designer Raymond Loewy, whose style is recognizable in machines and products spanning over half a century. To find out more, just click the doodle Google provided to honour him!

A very worthy project by Sunday Driver

| 3. November 2013

The great news rushing into my inbox do not stop this week. Oh my! Right, Sunday Driver, one of my favorite Steampunk bands, actually, have an EP in the making, and they need our help! Splendid detail: It is an all-Indian-language release! Now, if this means all Hindi or a mix of Hindi, Urdu, Tamil […]

Steampunk adventure game The Dead Flower Case – Raffle!

| 2. November 2013

This post is actually just a teaser… A new adventure game coming to Kickstarter on November 7th called The Dead Flower Case if the fundraiser reaches its goal, it will be available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. The game’s style is based on Steampunk sculptures of acclaimed Belgian artist Stephane Halleux. Mando Production, the game […]