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Steampunk Alchemist – An Italian Webseries

| 31. Januar 2014

The Steampunk webserieses in Europe are blooming at the moment. After Aether Affairs (see below) here comes another one: Steampunk Alchemist from Italy. The webseries has been around for some time already and features several short episodes (somewhere between ten and two minutes each). Interestingly, it is done in a pseudo-early-motuion-picture-style, i.e. somewhat hasty motion […]

Help Abney Park play in Barcelona

| 25. Januar 2014

Abney Park is currently planning a European tour and are still looking for some gigs. My friends in Barcelona have taken matters into their own hands and are crowd-funding their concert and I am doing my darnest to help them out in this endeavor. Captain Robert is pretty fond of the whole plan, too. This […]

Minutes at the Edge #6: Mind-melting maths

| 21. Januar 2014

Today’s Minutes at the Edge podcast is about the kind of maths so counter-intuitive and weird, it makes your brain melt. Listen and you will see what I mean.   This is the Youtube video responsible for the hub-bub: And here are some links discussing the topic. Some say it works, some say it […]


| 19. Januar 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleassure I announce yet another Steampunk-themed web series on this blog, and this time it is a very special occasion in deed. For the first time it is not an English-language series, but rather a German one. Also, a significant number of the crew are friends of mine, […]

Bleu Rose Design Steampunk Flasks

| 17. Januar 2014

One of the most frequent requests I get via æthermail are requests for posting something about this or that shop on Etsy. I usually do not do that. I am one of those cynical bastards who think “Is this driftwood or should I sell it on Etsy”. I guess some of you know what I […]

Grumbleputty – Steampunk Artifacts and Lovecraftian Art

| 11. Januar 2014

Once again it is time for a “this came in through the ætherbox” feature. Just last week, the gentleman and artist by the name of Grumbleputty sent me a message inquiring if his recent forray into the world of Steampunk could be featured on my blog. He also recommended an etsy shop to me which […]

Steampunk Hands Around The World – Join in!

| 7. Januar 2014

The most excellent gentleman and scholar Airship Ambassador Kevin Steil has had another wonderful idea for an event showing the scope of Steampunk, the fact it is a global phenomenon and, despite what you hear and read about, is no dead. But read what he has to say: Just as current day expressions of steampunk […]

Les Machines de L’ile de Nantes – Le Grand Eléphant

| 3. Januar 2014

I have mentioned this marvelous machine, the Great Elephant of L’ile de Nantes before, it also featured in my university presentation, but this is the first time I have actually found a video of it in action, so please enjoy:   Les Machines de L’ile de Nantes /// Le Grand Eléphant from Crossing Factory on […]