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Minutes at the Edge #7 – Planet Hunting

| 27. April 2014

Today’s episode of minutes at the Edge is all about astronomy and to be more precise: Planet hunting. Being a planet hunter is one of the coolest things available as a career, I think. So please enjoy the podcast and also check out the links and the video.   Further reading: Cold brown dwarf  Kepler-186f […]

The Cog is Dead – Savior of the Skies

| 23. April 2014

Ah, found a link to The Cog is Dead latest video in my ætherbox and of course I had to share it with you lovely people, so here it is:  

Sharing the Horror – The Dunwich Horror TV movie

| 21. April 2014

Be warned! I am only sharing this movie here, because it is a shining and abhorrent example for the treatment Lovecraft’s work usually gets when it is turned into a movie (unless this movie is done by the HPLHS). The Dunwich Horror TV movie of 2009 has very little to do with the original short […]

Parallel Earths – Just add Zeppelins (Even Doctor Who does it)

| 18. April 2014

The trope of parallel but fairly similar versions of earth have zeppelins roaming the sky is a common one. Rarely, however, am I as delighted to see the trope in use as in the example below. Doctor Who just added to his awesome, how does he do it? – Interview and second review

| 14. April 2014

Ever since I was made aware of I have had an eye on the site. A lot has happened, but I am coming back to that later, in the second part of this article. First and foremost, I had the opportunity of conducting an interview with one of the charming ladies who are featured […]

Cloud Raiders – Featured Game and Raffle

| 12. April 2014

May I point your esteemed attention to a little Android game by the name of Cloud Raiders? It is a strategy game on the steamfantasy side of things, dragons, airships, skypirates, and from the looks of it, cute graphics and a lot of action, it could be tremendous fun to play. The ratings on the […]

Review: The Machine | This is a Cyberpunk Jewel!

| 10. April 2014

Two computer programmers fall in love as they create the first-ever piece of self-aware artificial intelligence, designed to help humanity. But things go terribly wrong when the British Government steals their breakthrough and teaches it to become a robotic weapon. This is the very short synopsis of the movie and it does not really do […]

Help Victor Sierra make it to the Steampunk World Fair

| 8. April 2014

Victor Sierra needs your help! Help us bring our act to the States! In 2012 we saw the very best of welcomes for us at The Steampunk World’s Fair. The enthusiasm with which we were greeted led us to a fantastical acceleration of creativity. We didn’t plan to release a second album (Yesterday’s Tomorrow) so […]

Urban Haiku – Poetry for the Metroplex

| 7. April 2014

Yesterday, I put my haiku collection Urban Haiku – Poetry for the Metroplex up on Amazon and for all of you who really dislike Amazon for some reason, it is also available for Nook. I feel a teeny tiny bit accomplished now, I never thought I would one day actually publish a book containing poetry, […]

Bioshock Infinite Short Film – The Apple Thief

| 4. April 2014

This short piece came out of a school project. Good work, I say! If we only had had the technology to do such things when I was young. Alas, that was the time when monitor screens showed yellow letters on green background… And it very much captures what is going on in Bioshock Infinite. So, […]