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Non-Euclidean Æthercast #25 – The Steampunk Alphabet Book Reading

| 31. Mai 2014

Today’s podcast is for younger listeners, a dramatic/good-night reading of The Steampunk Alphabet, a crowd-funded work of art. I had the pleasure of participating in the Kickstarter campaign and have already featured the book. I had planned to do a reading for a while but never really got around to doing it. But now, please […]

Poetry for Cthulhu Cultists

| 28. Mai 2014

Recently I have gotten a decent bit of wrting done outside the blog. This is actually the reason why the updates here are coming in less frequently. One of the writing projects I was working on was yet another collection of Haiku, but very specific ones, something I should have been doing earlier, being a […]

The Beast of Verant City – Kickstarter Campaign

| 23. Mai 2014

From the Steamfantasy side of things comes the following project for a webseries that I would like to bring to your attention today: The Beast of Verant City The Beast of Verant City is set in a fantastic world where the royal families of the Seven Great Nations possess magical abilities derived from the stars. […]

“Steampunk” is now an entry in the dictionary

| 20. Mai 2014

I guess we can now once and for all settle the debate, whether or not Steampunk has entered the mainstream. As reported yesterday, Steampunk is now officially a word listed in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. A quick search in the online version of Merriam-Webster confirms the article: Excerpt: Definition of STEAMPUNK :  science fiction […]

Interstellar looks epic!

| 17. Mai 2014

The upcoming sci-fi movie Interstellar looks absolutely epic, judging from this trailer. Right now, I think it has an almost 2001-feel to it. Even better: Matthew McConaughey! So many great flicks this year, so little time…

Rest in Peace, H.R. Giger

| 13. Mai 2014

H.R. Giger, iconic Swiss artist and creator of the quintessential killing machine, the Xenomorph, has passed away yesterday afternoon after suffering an accident, he was 74 years old. Without Giger, modern science fiction and horror alike would be very different. He has influenced the imagination of many, including Ridley Scott and Jonathan Davies (Korn frontman).

This Constantine Trailer for the NBC Mini-Series looks EPIC!

| 12. Mai 2014

I have been a fan of DC’s Hellblazer since 1998 and was sorely disappointed by the Constantine movie featuring Keanu Reeves. Although I have nothing to complain concerning the acting, the plot of the effects of the movie, the whole feel was not what I expected a Hellblazer movie to be like. Constantine was too […]

The Giant Claw – So bad a b-movie, it is great!

| 9. Mai 2014

The 1950’s were the golden age of sci-fi b-movies; movies bad even by the standards of 1950’s special effects. One shining and rather endearing and quaint example of this is The Giant Claw, enjoy with a massive dose of humour and a bag of crisps: The Giant Claw    

Steampunk Odin – Why is there an affinity for Norse Gods and Steampunk?

| 6. Mai 2014

First, the picture: This is, according to the artist 3dsquid, a Steampunk version of Odin, he is from the Philippines, so I will not scold him for missing a crucial ocular detail here… Now, there seems to be a certain tendency to steampunk-up Norse gods, I have previously (in 2009, oh my gods…) posted an […]

“The Colour out of Space” and “The Dreamlands” – Support the Project!

| 1. Mai 2014

For a very limited time, until May 5th the adaption of H.P. Lovecraft’s tale The Colour out of Space is available to watch for free on Youtube, use your chance:   This is in support of the director’s (Huan Vu) next project: The Dreamlands Yes, you got that one right, Huan Vu is working on […]