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Caravan – Jeff Hunt Band – Such sweet video story telling!

| 26. Juni 2014

A few days ago, I was contacted by the gentleman and artist Jeff Hunt. He pointed me towards the latest video his band, the Jeff Hunt Band, released, since it is Steampunk-themed. I happily share it with you now, please enjoy: As you may have guessed if you follow this blog and the music reviews […]

Minutes at the Edge #8 – Things between the Stars

| 22. Juni 2014

Today’s episode of Minutes at the Edge is all about the weird and wonderful stuff between the starts and the stars themselves. Especially if the stars in question are weird and wonderful, so please enjoy:   Further reading: Red Giant and Neutron Star Thorne–Żytkow object Oldest Star article 1 and article 2 Cosmic inflation evidence […]

New Album: Professor Elemental – The Giddy Limit

| 19. Juni 2014

The most honourable, well-known gentleman and artist Professor Elemental has released another album: The Giddy Limit You can listen to snippets of the album right here: The Giddy Limit Please enjoy. And here’s the track All in together in full length, already an anthem, I think: All In Together by Professor Elemental And this is […]

Game developers stealing Steampunk Artwork

| 17. Juni 2014

This has been making the rounds on social media already, but one of my oldest friends in the steampunk scene is a victim of art-theft here, so I do my part to spread the word. An app developer apparently tries to cash in on Steampunk’s popularity and has developed some Steampunk-themed game which they have […]

Atompunk: Space Race Quickie

| 10. Juni 2014

Almost three and a half minutes of high-density greatness, the best parts of the Space Race from Leica all the way to Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, sit back and enjoy! And while I am at it: May I point your attention to the most excellent Youtube Channel British Pathé, which also brought you […]

Steampunk Business Trip to Vienna

| 5. Juni 2014

The last two days I have been in Vienna on business as a Steampunk. No, it did not involve planning a convention or some other Steampunk-related event, I was actually giving a talk at a conference, the Imagine14. Granted, my presentation was part of the fun section in the evening, but at least, I had […]