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Featured Artist: The Copperfield Ensemble

| 28. Juli 2014

Today’s featured artist, the Copperfield Ensemble, comes with an event announcement and tour dates. So many good things in one go. This is how the Ensemble describe themselves: The Copperfield Ensemble Project is an imagining of Victorian music played today: a cross between Chamber Music and Music Hall, this is Classical music to sing along […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast #26 – Steampunk has not peaked in Europe

| 20. Juli 2014

Today I actually have something substantial to talk about on the podcast: The state of affairs concerning Steampunk in Europe. A lot is happening and has been happening this year, so I can state with some confidence: Steampunk has not yet peaked in Europe.   And now, please enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes  

TRIP TO THE MOON – A Short Steampunk Film

| 16. Juli 2014

Here is another project worth your consideration: Trip to the Moon, a short film in the spirit of the timeless classic Le Voyage dans la Lune. The gentleman and cinematographer Brian M. Finn has this to say about his project:   Trip to the Moon is an action based sci-fi short film that mixes the charm of […]

Review: Mr. Strange – The Wonderful World of Weird

| 11. Juli 2014

Right, let’s get this thing done, shall we? Mr. Strange’s minion Gary already contacted me in April and suggested for me to review Mr. Strange’s latest album, The Wonderful World of Weird, which is exactly what I will do now, though it is by far an easy task. The Wonderful World of Weird is my […]

The Man who lives in the 1940s

| 4. Juli 2014

May I point your attention to this chap, Ben Sansum, he lives the 1940’s livestyle:

Reet Neet – Clockwork and Steampunk Custom Toys

| 3. Juli 2014

Today’s featured artist is from The Netherlands: Reet Neet. A few days ago, this message came into my ætherbox: Today I wanted to introduce to you my latest designer toy custom. His name is Professor Archimedes and is based on a 3.5″ Omen Blink by Coarse Toys. More info & pics are found here: This piece is […]

Share this with your Steampunk Sweatheart and Friends

| 1. Juli 2014

My friend, the honourable gentleman and artist Georgie Retzer strikes again! He has created this adorable little image which you should all share with your sweetheart in the Steampunk scene! Come to think of it: You can share this with everybody you care for and who is a friend in and/or of the scene. After […]